Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP)



Add me to the I WANT THIS TOO list.


Yes please add RTSP and also a POE option. Once RTSP is added, please allow the frame rate to be adjusted as well. Wifi is amateur connectivity. I would gladly pay double for a POE capable 1080p WYZE cam. I have no interest in cloud middleman. Unless you create a system like Ivideon. Local server with cloud options.

Thanks for a cool product at a great price.


RTSP support would be extremely beneficial to small/mid size businesses. At the current price point I can buy 20 Wyze cams for the price of the last camera I purchased. Not all camera’s are that expensive but the video quality between the two are not far off from the more expensive camera. I could increase coverage around the facility while still staying under budget. Even if the Wyze camera only lasted a year it would still makes financial sense. With RTSP support I could see our business purchasing between 30 - 60 Wyze Cams.

If your truly serious about making a profit from volume sales, then it would seem like adding a software update that would more than likely double your sales to a preexisting product, would make financial sense for both parties. It seems like a win, win, to me.

RTSP and a affordable digital doorbell are your money makers, don’t hesitate act!


I would also very much like the RTSP to be implemented/supported by the next version of Wyzecam firmware. I love the v2 units I currently have and recently ordered a pair of the v2 black units. If or when these are RTSP enabled I will purchase more and begin to recommend them to everyone I know. I don’t believe they will be able to keep them in stock at that point and that’s why I made my recent purchase.


There is HUGE market for cameras that can record 24/7 locally while sending triggered clips to the cloud for safety. Wyze is so close to this now with recording to the SD. But the SD is limited in size plus NVRs often tie into home automation in ways that move a cameras usefulness to the next level. So adding RTSP will not hurt a paid cloud service option. If anything it will may it more attractive while at the same time probably lowering the load per camera since people will probably send less to the cloud by sending less false triggers. And helps lower the end user’s bandwidth usage.


When you already have a very expensive Honeywell NVR… you can only go with cameras that support RTSP & ONVIF. I’ve been looking for smaller/less obtrusive camera and would love to buy Wyze cameras once it’s fully supported. Are we thinking this is going to require new camera hardware, or a firmware software update to the latest ones?


Given there are already firmware hacks for this it should be a software only change.


The issue might be that the RTSP firmware takes quite a bit of space and the memory on the current cams is pretty packed already.


We have an RTSP tentative plan and would like to know if this fits the needs for most of the RTSP users.

  1. It will only support local LAN streaming.
  2. It will be a separate firmware which may not have all the features we currently support. For example, motion tracking, PTZ control, two-way audio, etc.
  3. You can create a password to access your video for an extra layer of security.
  • I like it!
  • I don’t like it! (Tell us why below)

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For my use case, I feed my RTSP cameras to motioneyeos ( which runs on my raspberry pi 3b+. I think the majority of us just want something to connect to another software asset at a minimum for right now. Obviously if you can get audio or motion tracking working in any form, that would be fantastic. I would be okay if I had to load an SD card to load in the additional files to suppose RTSP along the same firmware to get motion tracking. My thought was to have RTSP alongside the same firmware, but if that is difficult, I will accept that and at least be grateful with the RTSP feed!

Edit: I just want to add in that I would at least like to have the ability to control the stream quality and be able to set night mode ON or OFF manually.


Brilliant start. I’d perhaps suggest giving us maybe 3 tiers of RTSP quality?

From the Github repo I’ve tried a few different streaming profiles. You guys obviously have perfected it, but if we could choose the 360P - SD - HD in addition to password, that would be a great start.

Also perhaps maybe retain some bare settings like Auto Night Vision on v2, otherwise this is exactly what we need. I know it’s a huge step for RTSP, and this would give advanced users and people like myself a way to use this in existing environments ( Blue Iris, Security Spy ) and not running Android emulators.

Can’t vote YES for this enough!

EDIT: In addition to a streaming profile, please add the ability for us to modify the port, for us that have multiple cameras. Thanks!


one more caveat about the plan , being very transparent –
This seperate RTSP firmware will be updated and maintained at a much less frequency and lower priority than the normal firmware branch. You will most likley have to flash the firmware instead of OTA

pls consider this when you vote


Understood. I would imagine it would be like the current method. Downloading and clearing an SD card / naming demo.bin and letting it do it’s thing.

Not looking for any recording settings, just some basic stuff like the Dafang hacks repo has in terms of Auto Night Vision (works great on v2) and 3 streaming quality profiles.

Thank you for working on this!


Bring it ON! This support will be awesome.


A straight RTSP feed would allow me to capture this with my NVR of choice, Netcam Studio has motion detection with multiple zones, timelapse, audio, etc.

It’s all I want.


This plan would work for me, but for an average nontechnical person it’s pretty onerous to have to deal with manually flashing.

Would you consider also selling a version of the camera that comes with the RTSP firmware? That would allow me to recommend it to nontechnical people looking for a good indoor RTSP-capable camera. Many of them wind up buying the very questionable options available on Amazon now but I doubt most of them would want to deal with flashing by themselves (and I don’t want to be doing it for them :-).

P.S. I even think it would be fine to charge a little bit extra for the RTSP version, if that helps. It would still be a good value.


Right now, the main reason I am not using alt firmware is that I don’t want to lose Alexa support.

If I can keep that and PTZ, then I would be in favor of this. If I was to lose those features though, Wyze would be just the same as all my other Chinese cheap cams. The whole idea for me was to REPLACE my Chinese cams with WyzeCams.

RTSP is important, but to lose a basic feature like PTZ would be a ridiculous trade off. Same for Alexa support - especially when my Wyze Cams are the only ones I have that reliably work with Alexa consistently.


This is a good start. I had hoped for the ability to have an nvr grab the streams for local storage in while still utilizing the native app however I’m guessing this comes down to a limitation of the hardware.


Please also add me to this as well. I have the Wyze Pan cam and honestly I love it as far as the hardware goes, but the software/app is really where it’s hurting. I live in a small apartment and I have it in my window, but have considered investing in putting it outside since the nightvision won’t work behind the window. The LED’s glare off of the glass. Not Wyze’s fault for sure. But if I’m going to really go that far, I want it to be able to record down to my server and not rely only on the SD card inside. What if someone tampers with the camera? What if the camera is stolen or damaged from severe weather? (I’d risk leaving it outside for a hurricane just to capture the footage).

So having the ability to record/watch on my local PC/Home Server would be amazing. Ability to motion track AND still have the PTZ functions would be nice too. Either way, progress is progress and I’d like to vote yes to this.


RTSP would be great, but if I can’t have it alongside the existing firmware and feature set, I’m not interested.