Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP)



RTSP has been one of our more popular requests since we launched. We’re looking into it but we have some stuff that’s in process and will come out before then. We aren’t going to make promises yet but we’re strongly leaning that direction and looking into it. This would enable local storage, viewing on a PC, and simultaneous streaming. I hear that it would also improve delays.



Explaining why RTSP could be useful to you
Any Plans/ETA on Web Interface & RTSP?
PLEASE add support for RTSP
Will you have an app for a computer to monitor cameras
Explaining why RTSP could be useful to you
Using WYZE CAM V2, CanI record to local personal cloud storage on my network?

I couldn’t help myself and got another WyzeCam v2 recently (they’re just SO good!), but I will state what I think many others will echo - when RTSP support is released, I will be purchasing a lot more WyzeCams.

Appreciate that there are other requests in the pipeline, but keeping us posted like this really helps. Thank you!


Wyzecam’s are useless to me if they can’t be integrated with all my other cameras. Please add RTSP support so that iSpy and other software can be used with the Wyzecam.


I see TinyCam Pro supports Wyzecam. I think they reverse-engineered your protocol. You seem like you want to be a friendly company. Why would you make it so hard for software to utilize your cameras?


Why don’t you publish your spec/protocol so that iSpy and others can add support?




To be clear: I don’t have any relationship to Wyze other than as a customer that has 2 v1 cameras and 2 v2 cameras.

If you want RTSP and possibly ONVIF and don’t care about cloud and notification, there are other inexpensive cameras available. I don’t understand the complaints when this isn’t an advertised feature of the Wyze.

Yes, it would be nice if there were open specs, but open specs is not a guarantee of third party support. If the camera is useless to you without RTSP, then the Wyze camera isn’t what you need. Maybe at some time in the future, Wyze may decide to support RSTP, but never buy a product on a “we are looking at the feasibility” as a commitment that it will be supported. It currently is not. And it really has nothing to do with “being a friendly company”. Wyze currently has many things it is working on, and limited staff to work on them.

Google openipc for a project that some people are working on to replace the firmware in the cameras with a version that has RTSP (and ssh). But using that will eliminate all the cloud features the Wyze cam has now. The last time I looked the v2 camera was not supported. And “supported” is probably not the correct word.

Email notification with attached snapshots taken on motion detection

I too would love local web viewing and or, RTSP url on my local lan, so i can watch this camera along with my other Foscam/Tanvis/Owlr cameras!


I was under the impression (probably read that on reddit) that RTSP was in the work… is that the case?

I’m waiting for RTSP support before ordering 8 v2 (or v3 if we’re getting there).

While not every users would use RTSP, I think it’d be a very popular feature amongst the home automation crowd and power users, bringing in a lot of revenue.

Can we at least get a confirmation whether it’s on the roadmap or not? If it is, maybe a timeline?


I own two wyzecam V2’s. I will not buy any additional cameras until RTSP is enabled. I want the Wyzecam app/cloud availability and RTSP. Not interested in Alexa or Google home.


I own six Wyze v2 cams, and I would love RTSP to be available without hacking the firmware (I haven’t done this; hoping Wyze Labs will add that feature). I plan to get some exterior cameras for my new house, and I’d like to be able to use my Wyze cams for interior, since they are a great value for the price, but I also want to be able to monitor them all together from an NVR, since their primary purpose is security and telepresence. If RTSP is added, I will definitely be in the market for additional Wyze cams.

I’d also like to be able to turn off cloud storage, as my new house will have a smaller bandwidth cap than my current place, and that’s part of the reason for running an NVR instead.


I bought 10 and using the wyzecam app is slow since my internet needs to be fast


Having live streaming will get me to buy meny more

And make it way more useful


Here’s another request for RTSP support. I am loving the camera so far. Being able to add it to my Netcam Studio setup would be amazing.



Dean, I’ve added your wish to Wyze’s feature request tracker.


Thank you, Rick. Where is the feature tracker, is it publicly available so I can review what has been added? Are people able to vote for features to help prioritise?


Dean, no, it’s not public. It’s something that Wyze keeps track of internally to help prioritize feature development. If you join some of the Wyze Facebook groups, there will occasionally be polls posted there which provide another avenue to express your wishes.


I understand. I know that some companies allow users to vote on features to get a feel for what is a priority to them, but that isn’t for everyone. I’ll go join the Facebook group and have a look around there, too. Thank you for the information.





yet another +1 for RTSP support from me. I would definitely buy more if this simple feature could be turned on.


Another request to please add RTSP support. The capability to view streams over RTSP means that I can combine these with other webcam brands and view them all with a single interface.


I find it interesting that people are so vocal about this feature and “will buy x amount if you have y feature”.

Wyze is a friendly company and they do their best to listen to feedback and implement. It is a $20 camera with a ton of cool tech and NO subscription. If it won’t work for you then don’t buy it. They are a small team and I am impressed with the level of updates they provide.

Just think before you complain that something is missing. I am sure they know what people want and will do their best to implement it.


I second the comments here. The value to price ratio is unbelievable!
Would love to see some way to make this into a slightly more robust security system (i.e. much longer recording duration, and so on) hopefully RTSP would allow for that.


Add a vote for me! Coming from the Yi camera and their PC app, this is a must for me