Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP)



bummer if it cant do both. but still id use it for my security cameras, but probably leave a few running stock and utilizing ‘the cloud’

nice thing is if it supports rtsp or really 1000 other protocols then ipcamera viewer will be able to do the motion recording and multiplexing i want. voted!


While I can’t wait to use the cams with my iSpy NVR application, given iSpy has PTZ + auto PTZ tracking control and at least 1 way audio, it would be disappointing to lose those capabilities just for the sake of RTSP. Can we lose other less important stuff like Time Lapse, Motion Tagging etc. which are easily available in apps that receive RTSP feeds?

But, if there is no choice, I’ll take it. Can combine full capability cam with less cable RTSP version where applicable.


My house could use about 8 to 10 more cameras (replacing an older security system), but lack of RTSP is a deal-breaker, so I won’t buy more cameras unless I can get RTSP. I also have extended family looking for a similar solution, and again RTSP is a must-have. If I can get RTSP, these cams are exactly what I am looking for.

I am exactly the kind of person mentioned previously in the conversation – a tech enthusiast (and CTO for a small company). I won’t pay for a pricey subscription, but I recommend tech to people who will. (That’s not any sort of threat – just telling you that tech enthusiasts are definitely thinking this way.)

If you have to weed down the firmware, please try to keep the following:

  • Easy setup (not strictly necessary for me, but makes it easier to recommend, and I want to recommend it)
  • RTSP
  • Auto night vision (I plan to use these outdoors, and without night vision, it’s not very useful) – OpenIPCam notes that the Wyze Cam v2 lacks an LDR chip, so image processing is used to determine night vision
  • Audio recording via RTSP (being able to send audio back to the camera is less important)

I don’t need it to do motion detection, alerts, etc. My NVR will do that stuff.

I also understand that PTZ would be desired for many, but I’m not planning to buy any PTZ cameras at present, so I care less about that.


Can you clarify your port point?
Each camera has a (distinct) IP and is being addressed through it (example: rtsp:// So multiple cameras should not be a problem. I see changing the port number for the RTSP protocol to connect to.


Selling an alternate version would be cost prohibitive. Because we would have to create a separate SKU , inventories and distribution for it. People might be confused also between the difference of RTSP vs non RTSP versions, so a lot more education to make sure that people are buying the proper version. Also there is some complexity in configuring an RTSP ecosystem combined with some software requirements.

If we do want to do something that does not use SD cards and flashing, I would vote for using the firmware downloader and force the download of the RTSP firmware to replace the non RTSP one and the other way around. But this is not a trivial things to do and it is very risky. One defect in that code can brick all the cameras and would cost us tremendously to fix.


Too bad that it would be cost prohibitive :frowning: … I guess a few extra dollars per pre-flashed RTSP camera as I had suggested would not be enough to cover it?

At a high level – Is there any mechanism you can imagine that would mitigate the risk for you guys, but would also allow less sophisticated users - who currently buy cheap Chinese RTSP cams on Amazon - to buy a Wyzecam instead?

For example … if you don’t want the user to be able to switch firmwares w/o appropriate education … Maybe you could have some kind of API in the camera such that an NVR or VMS software on the local network can request the conversion to rtsp? When a conversion is requested, you could validate the owner’s desire to do it somehow (e.g. the user goes to your web site, authenticates, and you show him appropriate warnings and disclaimers, etc before letting him agree to proceed)

This way, any software that chooses to support Wyzecam explicitly can still recommend these cameras without being limited to only users that can jump through complicated hoops, and only the users who already have an NVR or VMS (and thus presumably don’t have problems using RTSP) would be attempting a non-usb-drive-based conversion. Of course, there’s still a risk that those cameras could get bricked in the process, but this way you’re not risking the bulk of your non-RTSP users’ cameras.

(That was just a thought … but it would be really nice for RTSP not to be limited only to the most technical users. I’d love to be able to recommend this as an RTSP cam to my friends.)

Also … If you’re allowed to say - Why can’t RTSP just be put into the main firmware? Resource limitations?



Will this support both RTSP and recording to SD card?


If the camera streams are password protected, this would help with port forwarding & mapping for those who have multiple cameras and want to port map external ports internally.

e.g: Currently running a handful of Wyze cameras on Dafang Hacks repo, some running on 8554, 8555, 8556 and mapped externally inbound.


Would also want to be able to have PTZ control, even if just from the Wyze app. When support is hopefully added for turning off the IR LEDs with night vision on, that would be useful to also keep.

No immediate need for motion tracking, two-way audio. Would be nice to be able to choose to record audio, still.


I’d prefer to not have seperate firmware that I have to flash separately. I could be ok with having the option to flash this other firmware option, and be able to easily flash between the live and separate firmware.


Flashing a optional firmware is great.
I only care about auto NV and being able to disable the IR leds.
Local LAN streaming only.

I use Ivideon as my local NVR and for cloud notification clips. I run it on Linux laptop.
Ivideon also has a Windows client and a cloud portal. It works well.

I also use tiny cam pro with a VPN to my LAN.
Watch cams on my phone. Just built a Android Oreo VM on my work PC so I can watch my house cams while I work using TinyCam pro.
I wont need that once RTSP is supported and can use the Ivideon Windows client.
But VPN might be better. Its good to have options.


Worth noting – a way to mitigate the issue of installing from an SD card, that would probably work for most users, is to simply sell an SD card pre-formatted and loaded with the RTSP firmware. Those who don’t want to download the firmware to their own SD card could just order one.


@RickO I agree! I really like the features existing but want RTSP for additional integrations that Wyze can’t / shouldn’t spend resources on doing it.


jpreston84, you can actually flash your Wyze cam with the OpenIP.Cam software, which supports RTSP, but then you would lose all of the other Wyze features completely, and also the Wyze support as well. I am assuming you’d also forgo at the same time any access to a warranty, but you can definitely try this before Wyze makes the feature available.


A “Pro” firmware like this would be nice. If they can get the non-SD flash figured out, I’d even be willing to pay a few bucks (.99 - 4.99) for a Pro app that matches the functions of the firmware.


At present, OpenIP.Cam doesn’t support night vision, to my knowledge.


If I can integrate my Wyze cameras with blue iris, I’ll buy 5 more in addition to the 3 new ones I setup yesterday.

If I want to see all of my cameras now, I have to use my iPad AND my PC concurrently, have both running constantly, + buy a stack of SD cards vs. using the 10 TB of NAS storage I have just sitting here going to waste. If I want my streams leaving my local domain, Blue Iris can take care of that, and everything else I need. I love these little cameras, looking forward to RTSP support so I can justify more of them.


OpenIP cam is based on , but they haven’t bothered updating OpenIP cam in months.

Automatic night vision works fine on v2 now using the Dafang hacks repo.

At the same time I’d love to use a Wyze supported RTSP firmware for stability.

They have perfected the balance of HD quality in terms of what this cam can handle. I’ve been tweaking it for a week, and if I stream too many kbps, the hardware artifacts hard. It’s a very delicate balance.


RTSP over WiFi can be glitchy at times, and it can also use a lot of bandwidth. I would love to see both RTSP support with an adjustable bandwidth/resolution option, and an option for recording to SD card so everything can still be captured in HD even if RTSP quality is set to a lower setting.


I use PC Tower Server and Blue Iris software for my 10+ ip cameras and for me to buy Wyze is a must be RTSP integrated! Was thinking to give it a try with one Wyze for my front door (directed to the door if someone tries the door knob) But now seen that is not RTSP ready i may not buy! and i was thinking to buy more later, but this kind stopped me from not buying any at this time. So please Integrate it and also to have all the options that the original firmware have. Thanks.