Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP)



I had asked a question about RTSP early on in this post. I never responded. I will now.

I would not use RTSP as it would cost me additional money and steps just to view my alerts. Since I do have my cameras in two different locations I would not want to watch alerts through the Internet as you said in your response to me. After reading your post I said to myself, "this has way too many requirements just so I can watch my alerts on a web server.

I can do that now with WyzeCam via my app. I can view all 20 cameras from one app on my iPhone.

I agree with zarthan that I also want Wyze to continue to invent and produce these awesome cameras that are affordable.

I am looking forward to the next Wyze camera.


Zarthan and sisty2,

Nobody is arguing that Wyze should compromise the current functionality of their cameras to accommodate RTSP. I don’t want that to happen either. We’re simply asking that they consider adding RTSP as a feature like they would with any other feature request. Only their engineers and and accountants can decide if it’s possible without compromising other functionality and if it’s financially beneficial. Both of you are arguing against a new feature without knowing the downsides of implementing it. What if they can pull it off and not compromise elsewhere? Then they just sold a bunch more cameras to people would wanted RTSP and they keep their existing customers.




I like this idea based on my current understanding. There are many shortcomings with the WyzeCam app and this would alleviate many of them. Just my 2 cents.


Like the idea of RTSP also. Especially to be able to record motion to my own server instead of an sd card.


Hey Guys,

I agree that the only big thing that these cameras are missing is “Wyze supported”, reliable, and secure RTSP. Id rather not hack the camera just to get it. To be able plug the feeds into my existing solution via RTSP would be a HUGE nice to have; in fact I would immediately purchase an additional set of cameras if it did.



RTSP in addition to the current offering would be an ideal situation for me, I could get rid of at least 2 of my older axis cams.


I’m not currently a WYZE customer, but would be in a heartbeat if RTSP was added. That’s actually the only reason I’m not currently a customer.


Just bought my first Wyze camera. LOVE it.

After 15 minutes of tinkering, the first thing I also went looking for was native RTSP support.

(Wow, what an ugly set of comments above, but I’ll jump in)
For me, I would love to have an RTSP option, even if it meant I had to give up another feature.

not taken way, just disabled. I don’t want to inconvenience other users. Native RTSP would be great for:

  1. Local streams to SO many other home/smart systems, giving Wyze a great break into the SmartHome Market
  2. Using it for things such as SKYPE would be great. Why? Becuase it has a decent lens, and decent auto focus features.

As mentioned above, adding the code is likely not difficult. It’s a product team priority.


I hope someone at Wyze finds their way through this thread and sees another vote for RTSP.



#57 is fun to play with, but the functionality cost(s) to move to that from the Wyze firmware are not worth it to me.

Known Issues listed on their GitHub:

  • Auto Night Mode does not work due to Wyze V2 missing LDR chip
  • Full 1080p not supported. 1600x900 is maximum resolution.

If I wasn’t using these for external security cameras (in all weather mounts), then maybe MAYBE these two items could be looked over. But a reduction in resolution, and the inability to use the Auto IR are what kept me off’s firmware for more than the 30 minutes I ran it.

Granted, it’s a very nice suite of tools they add, but given time, I can see those coming to the Wyzecam as well. If can fix these lingering issues before Wyze offers RTSP, then I may try it again.


We would also love to see RTSP support added.


+1 I would love to see native RTSP support for Wyze cams. I have 4 Cam and one pan.

If it happens, I will gladly buy 5 more and swap out my zmodo system to run all my recordings to my nas server.


I too want RTSP local access from these cams. I value owning and controlling my own video feeds and using my own camera management software.

I don’t agree with the notion that adding RTSP would make the camera unstable or somehow less-than. You don’t have to compromise much to offer these services. Why can’t it be more like the Foscam R2 I have? That camera has mobile App access, Cloud Storage, RTSP direct local stream and on-board SD card storage in addition to an Ethernet jack. I don’t have to give up anything and can use any or all those features as I see fit. It’s only a little bit more expensive.

I also don’t buy the notion that they instantly become of no value once they add local video feed support. You CAN do both and still be valuable. There will always be people who prefer cloud storage over local storage. Why not give them the option?


FYI, Wyze just confirmed RTSP is in the works:


The fact that RTSP may actually on the map now is good. However I still say that if TinyCam Pro can access the cameras why the heck can’t other 3rd party apps? However Tinycam does it any other 3rd party app should be able to. This all without modifying the firmware or adding RTSP.

With that said I want the simplicity of the Wyze app. But I want the ability to use any 3rd party software which means RTSP or ONVIF.


TinyCam May utilize some of the firmware functions that carry over from the manufacturer, like the fanghacks do.

Its probably not on other 3rd party platforms due to a lack of effort on their part.


i use ispy with logitech cams and would love to use my 2 wyzecams with this software. would be a big deal for me.


Very happy to hear that RTSP is in the works! Major feature that I need asap.


Not saying anything bad about Wyze, the value is undeniable and we have a few of them around the house. That being said, if they fit my secondary use case by adding RTSP, I would by more to implement in those scenarios as well. It’s not that we’re boycotting them or anything, we just have more situations in which we can utilize these little fellers that just don’t work without the RTSP.

If anything, I’d love to see them implement it so that I can justify purchasing more of them thereby supporting further efforts. However, I wouldn’t buy a wood saw blade for a metal working project just because I like the company who makes the wood saw blade more than the company that makes the metal saw blade.

With RTSP I would buy a few more cameras, to replace my currently implemented solutions, and I think that’s more than fair. That’s the consumer saying “Look, I love what you’re doing so much, that I would rotate out perfectly good hardware to find more room for you! I just need you to be able to fulfill the function of that hardware before doing so.”

Wyze cams are great, and many of us would love to buy more of them, but they need to fit the secondary use case in order to justify additional purchase.


I understand how Wyze must be on the fence about enabling RTSP, and would like to offer my humble thoughts on why RTSP could be a win for both the consumer and company.
While I doubt Wyze is taking any kind of loss on hardware, they have priced their cameras low enough that there can’t be a significant margin on each unit.
This is why it likely doesn’t matter if everyone in this thread and on Reddit says they will buy 10 or 20 if RTSP is enabled.
That’s 10-20 units with slim to no margin and if what they are trying to do is grow the user base prior to bringing out a paid subscription tier of cloud services, users who purchased specifically because of RTSP will likely not be sources of future recurring revenue for additional cloud services.

How I think RTSP would actually benefit Wyze goes something like this:
The percent of home users shopping for cameras similar to Wyze is large, as can be seen by the push from Google, Amazon and others into the space. Even my non-technical parents have picked up some much more expensive cameras so they can peek in at their pets while away.
However, the portion of that potential market that also have some kind of home server, NAS, or actual use for RTSP must be minuscule in comparison.
It’s a geeky, somewhat technical feature request, we’re just a loud bunch online.
The people that use RTSP likely also provide tech support and recommendations to family and friends, post on places like Reddit, twitter, forums etc…
They become the evangelists for Wyze because of the positive experience they have with the company and hardware.
They may not generate much revenue beyond the initial sale, but they boost the user base, and spread the recommendation for Wyze cams to a larger group who are likely to be interested in future cloud offerings.

As long as Wyze is not taking a loss on each camera sale, they are out nothing but development time for enabling RTSP even if it potentially loses a subscription sale, but for each happy RTSP customer in the wild, that is one more person recommending their cameras to those who are more likely to subscribe.

Just my 2 cents, and of course it’s all just speculation, but I think it is not only good in terms of marketing but also good for business growth.

  • Good perspective @jds580s.
  • Wyze has already indicated at the top of this thread that they recognize the desire.
  • The vote count alone shows the margin of the ask and again, I think Wyze sees it.
  • As others have mentioned, Wyze will make their own decision as to whether it meets their long term business plan. For those of us who would like the RTSP option, we can only hope.

What I want to know is how TinyCam Pro got the rights to the video feed. Did they reverse engineer? (so much for security), or do they have a relationship with Wyze. If it is the later, thats not so great because TinyCam is very inefficient in its use of bandwidth. Anyway I digress since I don’t want to hijack the topic.