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News from Wyze

Discover all the latest news coming from Wyze Labs! Note: Posting new topics is restricted to Wyze team members but everyone is welcome to leave comments.

Ask the Community

Our community is brimming with awesome, intelligent people that would love to help you with project ideas or Wyze issues that you’re running into. This is a lightly moderated area and you’ll hear back from community members almost exclusively. If you want to speak with a Wyze Wizard about trouble you’ve been having with a Wyze product, please contact us by filling out this form.

Captured on Wyze

Did you record something with your Wyze Cam and want to share it with the community? That’s great! Anything family friendly can go here EXCEPT for videos relating to bugs or troubleshooting. Videos here may be featured in our Mobile App Discovery feed.

Share Tips & Tricks

Do you have ideas on how to make the most out of your Wyze experience? Share it with others! We welcome creative uses for our cameras, suggestions to improve camera use, tricks with setting up the camera, and more. If you have questions and are looking for answers, Ask the Community instead.


Welcome to the Wyze Roadmap. Your ideas are integral to our product development process and we want to give you visibility into some of the projects that we are working on. Please explain how you envision using a feature so we can consider your use during development. Our official release notes have the full list of completed features. If you would like to make a feature or product request, please do so in the Wishlist.


Welcome to the Wishlist! This is where you can request features and products. Please explain how you envision using that feature and we will do our best to evaluate all submissions. Before posting, do a quick search in both Roadmap and in Wishlist to see if your request is already being discussed. The “Top Votes” show the most requested and our Roadmap has the list of projects we’re working on and completed requests. Here is how the Wishlist works.

Early Access

Welcome to Early Access! This is a community made exclusively for Early Access backers. In this community, we’re going to share things like future products, host AMAs or Happy Hours, and discuss future happenings at Wyze.


We can’t spell BUGS without U. Find out what’s getting fixed in Beta and keep up with Beta updates — we’re getting there! Interested in joining our Beta program? Learn more.