Peephole (Door View) Camera

I’d rather have a fully-integrated Wyze unit, but in the meantime…

I use this one - remote access via Wi-Fi and Android/iPhone app, email alerts, 4.3-inch display, motion detection recording, built in door chime, charge battery every 90-120 days.

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Use reading comprehension for the whole thread. Not necessary for you to understand WHY we need something.

What we’ve been requesting from WYZE…for YEARS…is a peephole camera that is completely disguised as a regular PEEPHOLE.

There IS a need to develop a new camera / system that works without anything strange on the door.

To anyone viewing this thread, the interest is the second photo of the peephole in the door. That would be the camera lens and the Wyze or other vendor camera would be on the inside of the door. Battery operated or wired would work fine. Getting power to the inside of the door is relatively simple.

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Right. I was directly answering a question from user Vision who asked about an overhead door mount option.

Please use reading comprehension and read again. I was replying to “Vision” who asked:

My mistake. I didn’t notice your response was to a nearly two year old, off-topic question.

Wyze has been completely unresponsive about developing a peephole replacement product (not a big dongle doorbell replacement, not a door-overhang product, etc.), so I think most of us on this thread would appreciate keeping things relevant to the original, nearly three year old, post.

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I always thought this was a great idea to implement since a large majority of people have peep-holes but I see this still lingers as "maybe-later":sleepy:

@wyz3r I am trying to build my own but don’t want to ope n it. Can I put the lens outside the camera? How do I choose the len? Does it still work with motion? If so does it lose sensitivity?

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