Peephole (Door View) Camera

This is a good idea. It hides the fact that you are using a video device and also prevents the doorbel device from being taken.

I am a few months late to the party.
Did you disassemble your V3 and thread the linked lens onto it?

Does this sit through your door, or does the bracket on Fusion bracket sit on the threaded insert, already inside the door peephole?

The condo board should allow you to drill and install a lower peep hole. Actually, they should hire someone to do it for you. What if you were in a wheelchair ? Believe it or not, accessible peep hole height is covered by the Americans with Disabilities Act. Simply installing a lower peep hole is considered to be “reasonable accommodation” for “shortness of stature.” It is necessary for security and peace of mind. Point out to the board that it is a federally regulated accessibility requirement, and there should be no need for long consideration. Call your local legal aid department if you need someone to give them a push in the right direction.

Wyze Engineers: Please create a Wyze PEEPHOLE Video Camera specifically for APARTMENTS that offer the same features as the Wyze Video Doorbell Camera. The only difference is that this one fits inside of an apartment door peephole and can not be stolen. There is no tag for APARTMENT which along with PEEPHOLE is crucial in this forum.

One issue with a true peephole camera is installation with all the different materials and thicknesses of doors. Another is having permission from the apartment management to “modify” the peephole insert. There are two decent ones, that I know of, that fit into a hole. Another thought, lateral thinking, is a borescope or endoscope device to stick into the hole.

KayTel, great suggestion with the borescope inspection device. I’m going to give it a try.
Regarding the thickness of doors, don’t most of the peepholes have a threaded sleeve that adjusts for different door thickness? In a former post you mentioned the Federal ADA and a lower peephole reasonable accommodation. In our state, tenants must notify the landlord that they’ll be making the specific changes, at the tenant’s expense, as long as they swear to return it to the original condition when they leave the property. The landlord is not required to provide or pay for it…just allow it.

With regard to peephole locations ( height ). Notice that it specifies BOTH standing and wheelchair height,

809.5.5.2 Identification. A means for visually identifying a visitor without opening the residential
dwelling unit entry door shall be provided and shall allow for a minimum 180 degree range of

Advisory 809.5.5.2 Identification. In doors, peepholes that include prisms clarify the
image and should offer a wide-angle view of the hallway or exterior for both standing
persons and wheelchair users. Such peepholes can be placed at a standard height and

Full Document Link:
permit a view from several feet from the door

Due to the differences in lenses in door peepholes a simple “slip on” camera would likely be very difficult to make work satisfactorily. That said, a kit that replaced the entire peephole with a new lens, I’d be down for that. Most of them are removable, and even apartments can make such “stealth mods” to their dwelling. (You keep the original tube in a drawer to put back in, and hope you don’t lose it by the time you move out.)

I would pay for such an offering. I’d pay even more for a “deluxe” model one with, say, a 7" LCD display that blinks on when it detects motion giving a live-feed of what’s on the other side too.

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A whole lot of people who live in apartments or condos would pay for that product. Some of us just swapped the lens for a 25mm lens (then install it behind the peephole) and it works relatively well behind most peephole, but it’s obviously not a great setup like a product designed purposefully as a peephole camera.

You can get a new peephole tube at home depot for ~10$.

It’s mind boggling that neither Wyze nor any competitor go in that direction. It seems like free money for any company that already has a whole ecosystem in place.

This needs to happen! Make the peephole look like a standard brass and/ silver peephole so it’s not obvious it’s a camera from the outside. This would be huge! Ring is the closest to get it so but wyze can do it right and own the market! Please do this!

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Amazon has a peephole camera less than $50 that directly replaces the existing lens tube. Ring has an easy install for $150. There’s the range and the model technology. Wyze should step up to the challenge.

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Both of the examples you mention are not what many of us are looking for. The products are too large to be used in apartment/condo situations, where any replacement of the existing peephole lens must appear identical (from the outside of the door), or close to it, in size/diameter/color/etc. to the original peephole. The closest potential candidate I’ve seen on Amazon is $99 (Brinno), which is a nearly identical visual replacement as viewed from outside the door. Unfortunately this camera does not support Wifi, so it’s not nearly as useful as the existing Wyze/Ring/Nest/etc. Wifi-accessible cameras.

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VERY well stated! Why is it so challenging for WYZE to make a WIFI peephole camera that resembles a regular lens from outside the door? I’m willing to deal with a power cord that leads to the door hinge.


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I would suggest a stealth peephole camera made from the V3 camera with a rechargeable battery with a monitor that mounts on the inside of the door that triggers automatically with motion detected. It could basically reconfigure the Video Doorbell Pro as a peephole cam with an optional monitor that could be mounted on the inside of the door. Don’t need audio.

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