Error code 06 when attempting to view event videos

I have error code 6 on 3 of my 6 cameras.
I pay for cam plus but it never saves a video any longer than 8 seconds.
I installed sd cards but now realize that outdoor cams can’t record on events?
Audio works but 2 way communication (speaking into the phone) results in unintelligible garbled.
These cameras don’t work.
Are they replacing these cameras and refunding subscriptions?

nothing but error code 6

Include me as someone who was not seeing error code 06 before getting the Cam Plus. I only have Cam Plus because it was automatically subscribed for trial when I had to re-add cameras due to wifi name change.

I just cancelled my subscription as there’s no sense paying for something that doesn’t work. (Error Code 6 on all 3 outdoor camera’s) Very disappointing…Looks like this problem has been going on for a month? I guess system is only good for real time viewing.

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The error has been going on for far longer than a month, unfortunately.

Wyze will just blame the user’s WiFi wireless signal or internet connection. The funny part is that I have a “backup” wireless IP camera set up to record to the cloud (via Ivideon - another cloud service similar to Wyze) and have no video issues.

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