Error code 06 when attempting to view event videos

When attempting to view event videos I’m getting an error message. “Error code 06 - failed to fetch the video from cloud”. I can view the live feed from on and outside the network but cannot view event videos. Any suggestions?


Might be related to current server issues.

Could you solve the problem? I am getting the same message.


I am also having this problem, been happening for a week now, any solutions yet?


Happening here too. Looked at a couple events this morning without issue but the last hour or so every video says this.

Today I checked the events and they were gone.

Still happening to me


Still happening here too. Firmware on base and camera is up to date.


I’m having the same problem… Any resolution or even acknowledgement by Wyze of the problem?


Also error (code 06) new outdoor cam. Been this way since subscribing to wyze plus. Pic, no video.

This is still happening for me. I am able to view some videos now.

I am also getting this error. Any resolution for this?

Have the same issue on one of two

No haven’t seen it resolved yet nor has it been acknowledged as a problem…

I’m having this problem as well with my pan cam. If I can’t see my clips what is the point of paying for cam plus or the camera?


Agreed. Can anyone in the Wyze staff address this problem or acknowledge that it is occurring?


Add me to the list.

Funny enough, the video of me coming home and opening the front door wasn’t retrievable due to this Error 06 cloud message. Wyze’s cloud services have REALLY taken a nose dive since this past Spring - maybe coincidental but it aligned with their push with the CAM PLUS cloud service.

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Same problem !

@mariejambette Welcome to the Wyze community!

I recommend speaking with a Wyze representative about this issue and submit a log file.

Live Customer Support (206) 339-9646

Online Support Submit a Request

Monday - Friday 5 am - 6 pm PT and Saturday 8 am - 4 pm PT

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