Wyze Wired Doorbell Firmware Beta Test 4/19/2022

I am also having these issues. Doorbell fails to connect most of the time and requires 2-3 attempts before it works. I cannot answer the the doorbell because it fails the first attempt to connect.

Try setting it to night mode only. Since doing that, it has been rock solid for me. Annoying that that means black and white only, but at least it’s functional again.

Still hoping for a fix.

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Well, another swing and miss.

Installed the latest beta yesterday (x.090) and now the night mode workaround is no longer working.

It’s now stuck at 3/3 yet again unless you happen to access it while motion is actively being detected.

Can we just PLEASE go back to the pre x.060 firmware that actually worked?

PLEASE give up on whatever changes have been implemented and start over. Because whatever you’re doing is only making things worse.

Did you submit a log for review?

I have installed it on mine and have not seen any issues. I will do more testing later today and tonight.

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Yes. #668149


@WyzeAndy @WyzeJasonJ

wanted to make you aware of @DHCR’s issue, if you are not

Thanks for tagging me.

I have forwarded your log to the team for investigation. I apologize this is still happening.

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.060: Another oddball action I noticed is when I went into the doorbell, detection zone initially showed on. Left page to check device info for fw ver, just to be sure, returned to detection settings page and the zone settings were completely missing, just white space, no toggle for zone. Went back to live stream page and it was frozen. Left to go to home page then back to view live stream, yup it’s live again, back to settings, detection settings, it shows zone toggle off now. Back to settings then return to detection settings and now zone is on again! Ya, weird. It’s wyze, hard to expect anything other than flaky behavior these days. I’m guessing it’s the beta app in this case since retail app on my iPad seems to behave ok with obviously the same fw in the db. Or it’s how the beta fw and beta app interact. I’m not a coder so just guessing. Anyway, weird.

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Well, not especially encouraging.

I’m patiently waiting for a new firmware that’s going to bring back my Video Doorbell to it’s useful state (that is pre-042 firmware if I remember well).

Also, I’m wondering what he hell is going on. Wyze has the working firmware code, they know what they changed and yet, they don’t seem to be able to figure out what they broke.

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