Wyze Smart Window Shade/Curtains Motor or Blinds

A little disappointed that this conversation has been ongoing for 2 years with no indication it’s getting moved to the roadmap. This seems like a much more logical step than some of the recent additions like the sprinkler system… Would absolutely love to see a smart blind solution (especially just the wand replacement style). I don’t even need any fancy daylight features as they can be added later or worked around using smart assistant routines, etc. (Don’t get me wrong, daylight sensing would be nice, but I’d personally prefer to just tag them to google assistant routines.)

The competition in this product is absolutely gouging consumers. Years after this thread started the cheapest alternatives seem to be above $100 per device… and who only has one blind they want to control?

Please, please, please.

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I want this so bad. It’s like the Wyze camera. The market is extremely inflated in price and people can’t afford the products. Wyze could make a very heavy hit to the competition if they would just jump on the market. Please make this I’m begging you.

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Smart blackout blinds are a big part of smart lighting, home security, privacy, and being energy efficient. I think Wyze should consider this market space!

Yo, totally waiting on this too. Been looking for this forever and the options are crazy priced and not worth it. Affordable simple smart home device made me think wyze. I was going to suggest it but seems like many already have. I’ll pre-order 12 right now =]


I would rather buy the “Wyze Smart Blind” than buy the ikea fyrtur. I feel like you all could do it so much better (nothing against ikea). I feel like most people have a window so this could be a hot seller :slight_smile:

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yes, we need smart window blind motors, please

I would really love to have a few window coverings smartly motorized, with a gadget for curtains similar to switchbot.

Badly need this device. Also don’t want to opt for some other company and then a month later realize Wyze is launching a product similar to this.

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After hoping and waiting that Wyze would look into and develop this we finally came across a solution that opens and closes the slats that was less than $100. We’re very happy with them and it’s great, being able to easily have the blind slats open and close at selected times; waking up to a house full of sunshine, and then not having to run around and close them all manually in evening… or forget to, or be out and remember we didn’t close the blinds… you get the idea - it’s been wonderful. And we’re not talking a couple blinds in one room… we’ve outfitted 10 windows in our house that we wanted to be able to easily control.

I’ve got seven more windows I’d probably jump at having smart wands for if Wyze does ever come out with something, especially if they can undercut the price of what we currently have.

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What solution did you end up going with?

Sunsa is the company, you can search for Sunsa Wand, Sunsa Home, or Sunsa Smart Blinds and you should be able to find them on Google.

Right now they are fulfilling pledge perks from their crowd funding campaign on Indiegogo. I was watching them before it launched and followed it closely going in as one of their initial backers. When I got my first batch of 8 the worked so well I ordered another 2 and got those in a couple weeks ago.

Their website’s pre-order link takes you to Indiegogo. They should be finishing the campaign soon I would imagine, in case you’re wary of crowdfunding projects. I’d expect them to launch entirely independently here soon, so watch their website if that’s the case. But I can honestly say we only had one problem, and support was fast, responsive, and easily fixed the problem!

They do average about $85 a wand, though the more you buy the more you “save”.

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