Sell Wyze Sense bridge separately

You need to sell the Sense Bridge as a separate item. I need a 2nd one to get the sensor on my garage door to work.

Also, the door sensors need to be more flexible on how they are placed. The tape on the small side is on the wrong side of the sensor for my modern house. Maybe let us put the tape on vs attaching it yourself.



I agree. That’s not a bad idea. Wyze could include the double-sided tape with the sensors and then let the user decide how they want to install the tape. This would allow more flexibility with the contact sensor installation. :slightly_smiling_face:


I agree it would be better, but you can get scrape the existing tape off, then use a little Goo-Gone, and cut a mounting square to size. I did that on one of mine.

Yeah, the way the current kits are packaged requires me to buy way more than I need. All I need is three sensors and a bridge, and the only way for me to get that is to buy a starter kit and an additional kit of 4 sensors – so basically 3 more sensors than I need plus a motion detector that I have absolutely no use for.

Wyze products were initially appealing to me because they allowed me to place security cameras in my tiny apartment without spending too much money, having to learn new tech, or permanently affixing something my landlord would consider “damages” and charge me for. These sensors look like a great security addition for someone who doesn’t live in the safest neighborhood, but unlike the cameras, there’s no way to just buy what I actually need. If Wyze can sell the motion detectors separately for $5 each, why is that not an option for the bridge or sensors?


Yep , this needs to be addressed asap, Maybe they could implement the bridge to also extend the wifi signal to another cam?

Voted. I bought 2 sensors, not realizing they did not include the bridge. I suppose I need a bridge for each camera. At this point I feel like I’ve wasted $20 on the sensors and now need to spend another $60 to get what I need plus items that I do not need. Seems pretty odd to me. Especially since the pixel change option built into the cameras is so incredibly awful. Seems counter-intuitive from the price point marketing perspective.

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I think the issue with the Bridges is just range. I did get a 2nd kit to get a 2nd Bridge, but i also wanted to add the motion sensor to my front door, that way I should get better alerts and camera coverage from the wyze cam on the front window.

Their online shop does list that the bridge only comes in the Sense Starter Kit ($19.99).

I just now noticed that the range for the sensor is listed as 26’, though having walls vrs open space might make a difference in its effective range. That would explain my range issues.

The 26’ range you are referring to is how far out the motion sensor detects motion, not communication range from the bridge.

Motion Sensor Detection Range: 120° up to 26’


Why? Do you have an enormous house?

I made that post before finding out that a single bridge can accommodate multiple cams.


I need a bridge so that Wyze contact sensors on my garage door work reliably. Right now they are only “online”/reaching my Wyze camera half the time. If I wanted to make them work reliably, I’d have to buy a camera and stick it in some random corner of my garage just so that my sensors work. That is really silly. Let me buy a standalone range extender.

Wyze you’re much too wise, and so is your customer base to market your product in the ‘have to buy stuff you don’t need to get what you need’ manner. LOVE the alert coming from my garage open/close, truly a game/life changer. But the range of the bridge that’s in my garage camera doesn’t cut it for reaching my mailbox. And since my neighborhood is slowly going to shit, I’d really like to know when someone opens the mailbox. I have all the motion and contact sensors I need and don’t particularly need alerts when someone opens the cookie jar! Please sell a bridge separately so I can plug it into my front porch camera and then all will be right in the world. Thanks.

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Totally totally agree. Don’t see why it’s not for sale separately! And yes-I did vote!

Note that if your mailbox is metal, it’s less of a “range” issue, and more of a “your mailbox is a Faraday cage” issue.

If you need to use it in a metal mailbox, you’ll probably need to come up with a creative solution. I saw that someone cut out a circle with a hole saw, then attached a plexiglass window inside the box and put the motion sensor directly onto the plexiglass window. Some people have also manually extended the antennas outside of the mailbox with wire.

You can see some ideas on this thread:

i’d love to see some kind of bridge that plugs into my router, that has better range… maybe make it use POE… which would make running a line to remote parts of the house easier.

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Wait. What? I can’t buy judge a bridge? Argh. That is frustrating. I’m new to the forum and there are a lot to read. Has there been any update as to whether or not this will be an option moving forward? Frustrating.

I can’t buy judge a bridge?

@MHG Welcome to the Wyze community forums! No, not at this time. Hopefully, this will be something Wyze will make available for their customers in the future. Be sure to VOTE for this topic at the top left of this thread if you haven’t already done so. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you StopICU33. I voted. In the meantime I guess I’ll have to buy packages that include them and have a bunch of unused stuff. Maybe WYZE digs that because it forces me to spend the money?? That wouldn’t be a good strategy. Maybe WYZE users should have an online swap/sell opportunity. WYZELIST?

Maybe WYZE digs that because it forces me to spend the money??

You’re welcome! IMHO, I think eventually Wyze will sell the bridge separately. They are always listening and they do try meet needs of their customers.

Maybe WYZE users should have an online swap/sell opportunity.

That would be really nice. I know some of the other users here on the forum would probably be interested in buying the extra sense products if you offered to sell them.