Sell Wyze Sense bridge separately


I would like The Wyze Sense bridge To be available for purchase separately .
I think there is going to be a need for it To be purchased separately because of the limited range Of the sensors .

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Wyze Sense Available For Purchase!

Bought the starter pack, then the additional sensors needed for my application only to discover poor reception prevents me from putting purchased sensors where I need them. Please offer additional Sensor Bridges separately.


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Where are we on selling just the hub? Several people here and on the FB groups want just hubs. Seems like a no brainer.



Tell them all to come here and vote , The more votes the more likely it will happen


I voted, and yes… This is a good idea. Why not sell the bridge separately. I’ve got all the sensors I could want, but due the lack of range I might need to put my sensors on different bridges. I need a way to buy just the bridge.


Agreed. The Wyze system with the add ons of contact and motion sensors is only effective if those pieces can communicate with a bridge. I’ve had to put cameras in useless places only to be able to get the sensors where they need to be. But to buy the whole starter pack means there are sensors sitting around not installed.


This should be a no-brainer and not require a lot of votes to prioritize since it’s not an engineering issue. Also, it will minimize the gripes about range issues.