Sell Wyze Sense bridge separately

I would like The Wyze Sense bridge To be available for purchase separately .
I think there is going to be a need for it To be purchased separately because of the limited range Of the sensors .

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Bought the starter pack, then the additional sensors needed for my application only to discover poor reception prevents me from putting purchased sensors where I need them. Please offer additional Sensor Bridges separately.

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Where are we on selling just the hub? Several people here and on the FB groups want just hubs. Seems like a no brainer.


Tell them all to come here and vote , The more votes the more likely it will happen

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I voted, and yes… This is a good idea. Why not sell the bridge separately. I’ve got all the sensors I could want, but due the lack of range I might need to put my sensors on different bridges. I need a way to buy just the bridge.

Agreed. The Wyze system with the add ons of contact and motion sensors is only effective if those pieces can communicate with a bridge. I’ve had to put cameras in useless places only to be able to get the sensors where they need to be. But to buy the whole starter pack means there are sensors sitting around not installed.

This should be a no-brainer and not require a lot of votes to prioritize since it’s not an engineering issue. Also, it will minimize the gripes about range issues.

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I currently have two wyze cams; one at the front of my house and the other in the back yard. I also have 8 sensors through out the house. The only way for me to connect all my sensors was to purchase another Sensor kit for that second Bridge. In my case it worked out because I made use of those extra sensors but it would be nice to sell the bridges separately for those that don’t need all the extra sensors.

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Come on Wyze! Don’t you want to sell more product???

My story is basically identical to yours. I had to buy another camera and another “starter pack” that I didn’t need to get the range for the contacts I already had. Turns out that even with the additional bridge, I still don’t have the range I need. I’m going to have to buy still another camera and put it in a completely useless space and another bunch of contacts that I have no use for. I’m flabbergasted that I can’t buy standalone bridges.
It might help if Wizen would simply explain why they won’t sell the single part we need for range. Maybe it’s a software thing?


I wonder if Wyze can make some kind of “repeater” or “extender” so we would not need an additional camera or bridge. It takes away from Wyze cam’s inexpensive slogan when you have to spend more money on unneeded devices to make it all work to your needs. I hope this is something that Wyze Labs can make for a low cost.

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I like the idea of a standalone hub, but have it issue (optional of course) sending out a local alarm if a sensor is triggered noise - flashing LED. Here’s my reasoning for the request.

I have to have my two back doors alarmed as I have a pool in my back yard. The door sensors are ideal instead of the huge ones originally supplied by the pool company. But to get a notification that a door is opened I have to have the internet running and IFTTT to send me a message that the door is opened. If there a local hub with an alarm that would be ideal. The IFTTT integration is great for monitoring the house remotely so still needed.
Another alternative is to have an Homekit connection. That way I could hack a local alarm off my Raspberry Pi running Homekit.

My 2 Cents worth.

Another good idea. The challenge is how many people will benefit and Wyze making the investment. For now, you can use Smartthings. You don’t need to depend on internet for it to work. You can set up an automation that says IF door sensor opens THEN turn on Audible Alarm. It all works off of zigbee/zwaze. You will of course have it connected to Wi-Fi and it can even send you a notification too.

I have never seen the Smartthings hub in person so I’m not familiar with what all it can do. How would that help me with the short range issue of the Wyze contacts? One of those hubs would cost me more than buying another camera and Sense package. All I want to do is get the contact I installed on the garage door to work. The only way it has worked is to have a camera/bridge either inside the garage or anywhere on that side of the house. The garage is detached but only about ten feet from the house.
As someone else said, the low cost advantage of the Wyze system loses it’s value if you have to install a full camera/bridge everywhere within a few feet of a contact.

The Smartthings hub is an alternative to Wyze that can function without internet connection. I was just throwing out ideas.
But you’re right, you’re going to have to get that extra camera to get that range.
Good luck, hope a more affordable option comes soon.

I agree. But not just for that reason alone.
I accidentally purchased the (4) Pack Sensor Kit not realizing it doesn’t come with a “Bridge”.
It would’ve been smarter had WYZE offered (3) Sensors and (1) Bridge in that Kit come to think of it.
I personally just needed more than (2) Sensors and have no use for the (1) Motion Eye included in the Starter Kit is all.


My camera plan does not require a bridge for every camera. It’s always better to buy only what you want including not receiving a motion sensor I don’t have a use for.

Many of us agree and I recently had wyze confirm there is no issue in using many bridges so their decision to not sell packs of bridges separately is a marketing one. Hence we are obliged to buy surplus sensors until they revisit this decision.

You got my vote. I bought a separate sense pack so I could put a bridge on the camera in the garage. My basement bridge was losing contact with the garage. I found uses for the other sensors, but it would be nice to assembly my own combination of all the parts.