Person Detection Update: A New Experiment for Premium Features

[Mod Edit] Your comment specifically compared the price of PD to cam+, and I agree it makes no sense to pay 1.48 for PD when cam+ is way better for .51 more when talking about 1 cam, but cam+ is per cam, PD is unlimited cams [Mod Edit]

In his case it is a direct comparison because he is using PD on one camera.
As you’ve both pointed out it would make no sense to pay $1.48 for PD on one camera.
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That’s not entirely true. If your running firmware, person detection still works locally on the device without cloud storage. It is no longer being developed, but it does still work. It even works with the latest version of the app.

This conversation is in relation to ideas WYZE could use to lessen the server load in the future.
WYZE can’t develope a future spp version based on Xnor firmware.

By not upgrading the firmware in the cameras you do indeed retain the PD but you loose any new features and developments. Also any bug and security fixes.

Certainly your choice but an increasingly bad one as time goes by.


I thought so too, but we have seen no evidence of it. To the contrary it seems the XNor tags are ignored when Wyze Cloud determines a PD event.

Are you referring to xnor? Wyze’s own person detection is not based on local, which means there’s no algorithm in cameras themselves to check if there’s a person in footage captured

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I tried to pay wyze a lump sum of money for PD, then set my reoccurring fee back to $0 and wyze just refunded me my money. They sure make it hard to pay them.


I think you would have had to wait a month to change amounts. Who knows?
A valient effort though.:slightly_smiling_face:


I just upgraded to cam plus. It’s not expensive unless you have a ton of cameras and it’s much better than just plain vanilla PD. I’m satisfied. Thanks wyze.

Tl;dr: Plus auto-enrollment killed PD in existing cams and new cams don’t have PD as a notification option. This is a cluster!

Can anyone tell me what’s going on? Had 2 Cam2s. Just bought 4 Bulbs and 2 more Cam2s. New Cam2s died with firmware update - tried rolling back, reinstalling, etc. - and were replaced with 2 new Cam2s. All cams on current firmware. Yay. Problem: PD only available as a notification on the 2 old cams, not in the menu on the 2 new cams. Further, PD rules for the bulbs no longer work for any cams, though they worked on the old ones before the new cams arrived. If 4 identical cams can’t work with PD/Plus now, why would anyone think it would work with future cloud concerns? Someone stop me from sending this pile of bulbs and cams back; I’ve loved the old ones. Trust issues.

Other info: Already enrolled in legacy PD program. Seems like the problem started (maybe) when the first new cam (that died with firmware update) auto-enrolled me in the Plus trial.

I will be ok with supporting this feature if you combine calling webhook when motion is detected, with IFTTT now a paid service, I rather support WYZE than IFTTT.
However, I need to know if this is even being considered?

I am one of the early birds. I have decided to subscribe to Person Detection.

You could increase your revenue by simply opening your horizons to the rest of the world. The world doesn’t stop on the borders of USA & Canada - there’s a whole lot more customers beyond that who might be willing to subscribe - me for one…

I’ve been trying to sign up but unless you live in USA or Canada it’s a no-go. :angry:

I live in Australia and have now been able to subscribe since Wyze added PayPal to the payment Subscription options…which is a relief…a s the beta expires in October…still cannot order new products as the purchase options doesn’t have a PayPal option

If you take away person detection that was included when people first purchased their Wyze cams and decide to charge ITS REALLY NEGATIVE. There is nothing I can’t stand more than to have something included then taken away unless you pay. It’s common in the internet world when companies build content by users by offering something for free and then charge because that content put them on top. It usually does not end well for them. Although this is a bit different the concept is still giving and then charging! WRONG… if a cost mistake was made it should not be passed onto the customers. A company that prides themselves as so customer oriented makes this even worse. IT SIMPLY SHOULD REMAIN FREE FOR THE USERS THAT ALREADY HAD IT THAT WAY not threaten to take it away if the costs are not covered by “donations” So… You can make up for it by attracting new users and not destroy your reputation in the process.


i agree with you, however this is common theme now, similar to what IFTTT did, at least wyze is allowing the user to set the price to 0 ! so if I want to pay lets say 2$ for face detection and 2$ for IFTTT all of a sudden, owning a WYZE camera cost me $44 a year !

I didn’t bite the bullet quite yet and here’s what came in the mail today. One reason I’ve hesitated is that Paid Experiment PD still doesn’t support Person filtering.

Only 21 days left to name your price
Expires on Oct. 9th
(Until name your price is gone)
[Add person detection]
As you may have heard, we’re running a really exciting experiment for our earliest Wyze users. You were one of the customers that we promised a name-your-price program for Person Detection functionality, and that program is open for you to join until the end of the day on October 9th . If you miss this window, Person Detection will only be available through our Cam Plus package for $1.99 a month (which also includes other features like Complete Motion Capture).

If you’re willing to pay, thank you so much. With a named price of $1.48 or more, you would be helping us prove that innovative pricing like this can be sustainable. If you can’t do $1.48 per month, we totally understand - you can select any number down to $0, and you can tweak your amount at any time if you’re able to pitch in more later.

Our dream is to roll this pricing scheme out to every premium service that we build, but we got to make this work first. Let’s do this.

You beauty! Just tried again and as you said, I was able to pay via PayPal. Whoop whoop :+1: