No more dancing around it. Can you fix audio issues with Wyze v3 cameras?

Where is that found? And how do you think that would help? Is it safe to share that info?

I don’t think there’s any security risk to sharing it. I’m not sure about the MAC address. I can’t imagine a way to use it harmfully, but I’m not a cyber criminal. The QC information would be on the original packaging, and I can imagine even less harm in sharing that. I understand the hesitancy of sharing that kind of unique identifier, so maybe it’s best to just not do it?

So, here’s the thing about this suggestion, you shouldn’t have to. Nobody should have to replace their home wifi because one single product has an issue on it. This is the first wifi cam that I have set up that has had issues (my others are cheaper, less reputable brands) and they connect fine without audio issues. They just have inferior night vision, and lower resolution, and their apps suck. With this being the only failing of the WYZE cam V3, I really want to try to resolve the issue, but I don’t want to have to buy a 300 dollar router to accommodate a 30 dollar camera. Most people aren’t going to have the option to test multiple wifi networks to see if it randomly works better on some than others.

That being said, I do have a cheap range extender to reach a camera in the garage so I moved my cameras to that network, and the static is still there, but it’s a lot quieter. I might try playing with my main router’s wifi channel etc. to see if that makes a difference. I also tested turning off all my other wifi devices that were anywhere near the cameras. That didn’t make any difference, but moving to a different network did (not a perfect solution, but the audio issues are much reduced. My best camera is now similar to @AnnWithAPlan 's chicken run video. For anyone interested, my main router is just the normal, over-priced, but cheaply made actiontec modem / router that comes with centurylink duplex DSL. The range extender is ihartan iHAR-01. This is a no-name brand that will probably re-brand tomorrow, so I don’t really vouch for their product, it’s just what I had on hand. And again, the audio still isn’t static-free, but it’s a far cry better than the constant squealing, popping geiger counter that it was. This test was done in the evening though too. I have noticed that the issues are worse during the day, so We’ll see how they sound tomorrow. If there is that much improvement, I might consider getting a dedicated router and turning off the wifi on my modem even though again, I shouldn’t have to do that just to accommodate one product that picks up static when no other products do.

So, after hours of TS and working with WYZE reps on the phone and sending them information for all 4 of my defective cameras, including requested screenshots and package images and order number, they have decided to send me a single replacement unit. I’ve opened new tickets to start a return. If this is how they do business, I’m not interested in being their customer.

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TP-Link just cam out with new cameras priced simular to Wyze Cam prices. Looks interesting.

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Interesting. what line of TP cams are yout talking about? what is the name and model ?

Here is a link to an E-Gadget article about the new cams

I’ll have to see if there are any comparisons posted to the Wyze cams. Didn’t see any prices listed either.

A similar OUTDOOR cam from TP is higher priced and looks heavier. I would not say the $60 is similarly priced as when I got V3 I paid I think $20 each and then they raised the prices. I hate that I hear talking on the cams but cant make out the conversation. You have to be facing the cam and close for it to work. They were always this way. Wyze never responded as they know they messed up. I think the supply chain shortage is why they did not bother to to try to fix or replace. I hope little Claire does not look back and the shameful way her father has been pumping out products without fixing issues.

I would say a $60 cam is in the budget category for a 2K outside starlight sensor camera.

Maybe, it was just that the initial statement was that it was in the same price range as the V3. Of course for double the price I would expect a better camera.

Apologies for the long post in advance. I know I tend to write longer posts than most. If you want to TLDR this, just read the conclusions maybe.

Fun update on my Saga. Whereas Wyze sent 1 camera when I gave them the information for 4 defective cameras, I decided rather than waiting around for my return window to expire, I would go ahead and return my entire purchase. That went ok so far. I shipped out the defective units this morning, and at the post office, the warranty exchange device was waiting for me, so I set it up and am testing it on the original wifi network where I had the terrible interference on my original 4 x cam v3s, and the new device had very mild static, very tollerable. I then went ahead and updated the firmware - This had 2 results 1st, the app said, “the update went great!”, and the camera turned off and would not turn back on by pressing / holding the button. I power cycled it - it turned on for a few seconds and turned off. I thought maybe they had banned the device since I went ahead and requested a return after they sent an exchange (that would be fair. Once my return is processed, I will have paid nothing for the camera currently in my possession). So I tried another power cycle and immediately held the setup button before it could turn off and re-added it to the app - now, the static buzzing is very faint It’s still there, but very quiet compared to the microphone which is picking up clear, crisp vocals. As I write this, I hear the buzzing more and more, and it would be irritating if I were listening to it for a long time, so I still wouldn’t use this camera in a situation where I need to monitor for sound i.e, Baby monitor, (or in my case goat monitor listening for coyotes or other disturbances at night) But it is very usable as a security camera now.

This leaves me with some conclusions:

  1. There are good and bad batches of these cameras, especially when it comes to audio quality and static /radio interference.
  2. I may yet trust Wyze in the future, but; 2a, I will only buy one product at a time so that I have time to test it and replace it if it’s not up to par.
  3. I will not buy directly from Wyze again. Amazon returns / exchanges are much more straight forward ( I thought those were complicated until I dealt with WYZE)
  4. My recommendation to anybody outside of your return window; keep requesting exchange units until you get one that works well.

Audio issue here too. V3. Latest firmware. On iOS .
What’s the process for accessing the web view?

Web View requires a CamPlus subscription (not the Free version)

website is Live stream - Wyze

Use the same username and password you use on your Wyze App

Also, it won’t work on Firefox.

Same here. I got so tired of constantly having a different support person email me and ask me the same questions over & over. Never received a resolution from Wyze on the v3’s. I was fed up with stalling tactics so ordered 2 brand new v3’s. Right out of the box they still had the scrubbing, static-like, scratching sound. I returned them for refund. I also have three wireless outdoor cams, which I am preparing to replace. I really dislike the night vision is fuzzy and b/w. Figures after I got those NOW they have them w color night vision… SMH

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So, no fix yet? I got this v3 when they sent me a promo when they first came out. I never had use for it so it stayed in its box. We just got a puppy, and I thought I could use it to monitor her at night when she’s crated. Well the sound is horrible, like buzzing and static, and does not send notifications when sounds are detected. Last night I had it on live feed and all I heard was the static so I assumed the puppy was sleeping, until I actually heard her through the walls. What a piece of junk. I’d rather look into a better brand and pay a little more for the reliability and support.