Linking Wyze Lock to Google Home/Assistant


At first I thought they are just ignoring us. Now, I think they are playing us.

I’ll call this false advertisement!!!

So as a long time Wyze supporter with more than 20 individual Wyze devices… I’m having a hard time finding any desire to support Wyze products moving forward and will no longer sing the praises of wyze too friends and family.

I Feel like I was a little taken on the Wyze lock and keypad. I bought it, when it stated on the product page that it would be integrated with Google Assistant later this year (in 2020). Here we are in June and I’ve removed wyze and had to settle on an August Lock.

So because of Wyze’s failure to deliver, I have this extra “paper weight” from Wyze sitting in the box and money wasted.

@WyzeGwendolyn …come on Wyze, it’s time to do the right thing and give me a refund. You can have your lock back, It doesn’t do what you advertised.

Stop sending me emails about how I can throw away my money on your next new product, when you don’t even support the products you’ve already sold me.

I just noticed that there is a spot in the settings of the beta app to set up a pin for Wyze Lock in Google Assistant. It doesn’t work yet, but it’s a positive sign that the feature is coming.

Yep, just went down the rabbit hole of hoping it was finally supported until the set up in Google kicked me back out for “not having any devices”. Ugh. :crossed_fingers:

Finally, my Google Home recognized my Wyze lock! Set up my pin in the Wyze app and will do more testing today.

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So far my google recognized my 4 locks and I can put them in my home in rooms. I can lock via voice, but can figure out what my PIN is to unlock. I did add to my good night routine to lock all doors and that works!

where in the app did you set up the PIN?

In Wyze app, under device settings, tap on “Third Party Integration” and you should see an option to set up your pin.

Can you explain what OS and app version you might be using. Not finding either of these as options within the Wyze App.

so far only Alexa shows for me :frowning: . Thanks!

Same here.

Get BlueMail for Android

Here are the steps:

  1. Get the Wyze Beta app
  2. Update the lock to latest beta firmware, I’m using
  3. Navigate to the Lock in the app
  4. Select the Gear in the top right
  5. You’ll now see “Third Party Integration”
  6. Set the Google Pin
  7. Refresh Google Home app and you’ll see the Lock
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Seems some are just luckier than others. Have all of the above but still not being given an option within Wyze app for Google.

First, you need to go to the Play Store, search for the Wyse app then sign up for the beta. Once you are approved, you can download the Beta version of the app. Then follow the steps shared earlier today.

My beta app version is 2.21.14

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Well then…sorry about that. The only explanation I have is that I’m on the beta app ver. 2.21.14. Maybe they only opened that feature up to a selected group…? :woman_shrugging: Other than that, I can only second the replies from @TinyHorn and @rkbe1. Hope it works out for you. If not, maybe the feature will be on the next public app release!

I had success setting it up on the iOS Beta App - I originally just looked in the Account>Third Party Integration which only showed Alexa then re-read this post which says you have to go to the lock (not gateway, but lock) and the settings wheel in upper right then a ‘Third Party Integration’ shows there. This is where the Google Pin is set. After setting the pin, I went to the Google Home app and was getting an error when ‘sync devices’ for Wyze Home, so I had to re-link Wyze in Google Home’s Services - then everything started magically working!!
Pretty satisfying to say ‘Hey Google, lock XXX door’ and hear the Wyze Lock nearly immediately turn it closed! So glad this finally has happened!!!