Greater Control Over Detection Zone Shape



I also need that free-hand detection zones feature. Right now I have to reduce the detection area to avoid unwanted notification, so I can not fully cover the area I want to.


I think an INVERT button would solve most of the problems people are having.

I have a camera that has a TV in the field of view. Any time we watch TV it would pick that up as motion. I can setup a detection area box that’s next to the TV or below the TV but then I cut off a good portion of the rest of the area. If I could draw a box around the TV, and then tap an Invert button to have it select everything except the TV, that’d be great.


I asked about this earlier in 2018 but didnt really get anywhere. Would love to see an option where you can create alert zones using custom polygons rather than a rectangle. My alert zone covers my front porch and my driveway, but it also covers part of the street and alerts go off with the cars passing by. I think it would be great if we could implement this and be able to trace the alert zone using a polygon.


Hi, I would like to have the option of having more than one detection zones. I’m my case I would use one pointing to my door for security purposes and the other one pointing to a trash can so I would know if my pets are having fun with the garbage. Thnx.


+1 for this idea. I really need it please!


I could totally use this right now to enable further automation with my smart home devices, whilst avoiding the kitty traffic at night. Any feature requested will do at this point, but preferrably myself, I would just like more than one box. Also, let it shrink down smaller than a 12x12 area, so I can micromanage the sink!


Having better definition and control over the detection zone shape would greatly cut down on my Event storage on AWS! Having fewer Events helps Wyze and us!


I think the approach of painting or masking an area is better than just plain rectangular (or even tilting the angle of the rectangle to accommodate non-parallel installations). A toggle for all (the entire frame) or paint/mask should be sufficient. A bonus would be the ability to create multiple painted/masked areas and assign them separate sensitivities.


Example, shown in blue in the image below, of an efficiently designed and executed motion zone detection area. Numerous points the user can drag to form any shape polygon. Works perfectly and as expected.


This is the perfect example! Thank you. Hope we have more votes on this.


Having 2 or more detection zones would be pretty great. For example if there’re more than 2 doors to your room you would want the detection zone to cover the 2 doors but only the 2 doors and nothing between the door. Currently you only get 1 detection zone box so if you want to cover the 2 doors you would have to create a box large enough to cover both but that may cover the stuff between the 2 doors which you don’t want which might increase false detection.


That is the ideal method especially when you can add multiple instances within the same camera but an easier method may be a selection grid like this:

The smaller the boxes, the better.


Like the ability to fence off an area for event notifications. Really saves a lot of false alerts when someone is driving by vs actually approaching my door.

However very limiting to have only one box with square / rectangles. Would be much more useful if you could tap and create a polygon or odd shape by joining straight lines.

Additionally, the ability to set more than one hot zone per camera. For instance I have a long shot of my pool - I would like to capture the entrance from the living-room to pool, and on the other side the stairs coming from second floor. Currently unable to do this.