Greater Control Over Detection Zone Shape



The current zone control method (of adjusting four corners of a box) is limiting. It doesn’t allow for the exclusion of objects. Sometimes people ask for grids, some people want more points that they can use to adjust the shape, and some people ask for masking zones in addition to the detection zone. Currently, people using their Wyze Cams to look outside have more difficulty getting their property without the plants or roads in the area.



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I would like more control over the zones. In my case, i want to mask out a tree that moves when the wind blows.


any chance the implementation of the motion detection zone will have more granularity by including free hand drawing or broken up into 9 zones, etc? as it is right now, i would have to make it small and lose some areas or make it bigger but include areas I don’t want/need.

it would definitely save a lot of false alerts and unnecessary cloud recordings. right now, the way my wyzecam is positioned, it’s slanted and not 90 degree perpendicular. therefore, rectangular settings don’t work as well.


There is a chance! I’ll talk to the team and see where we’re at. Though this is two different feature requests so we may work on one before the other if we go this route. :slight_smile:


This would be great - I have problems with the shape too.


Would also be nice to make the alert zone box be a polygon instead. based on where I mounted my camera it would be nice to tuck a corner in to avoid the street/sidewalk but stretch the other corner out to cover more of the pathway to my house/front yard.

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Yeah. There are actually two aspects to this. One is the ‘zone’ being surveyed on one is the sensitivity of response. Perhaps is would be easier to be able to adjust the sensitivity of a "zone’ rather than get too granular about the edges of the “zone”. In the blowing tree example if the sensitivity could just be adjusted here to a low value rather then have to paint the tree into its own zone. Having the sensitivity more adjustable would also give the benefit of choosing between a bird size to dog size to human size since the actual object within a monitored zone are also of interest for possible exclusion. This might need a “new” CCD?
Of course :slight_smile: you could go wild and include shape recognition, face recognition - there are no bounds once those pixels are captured.


This is definitely a feature I would like. A simple grid would be fine, as long as it’s small enough. My issue is I have diagonal areas I don’t want detection, so the only way to avoid them is a very small detection zone.


This could be very helpful for that problem area that triggers a notification. The top of a pine tree on a windy day for example.


Totally agreed. If we could draw our own shape, instead of being restricted to the rectangle, that would be even better


+1, having at least two independent rectangles can make our lives easier.
I have a small tree :deciduous_tree: right in the center of the covered area that bends with the wind so I had to choose either one or the other side of the three to have the motion detection.


I’d add to this that the ability to use the box(es) as exclusion areas instead of inclusion areas would help immensely, as it seems lots of us want to capture any detected motion except for a specific area.