Greater Control Over Detection Zone Shape

I’d vote for a rectangle that you can love the corners, add more angles. And be able to add more.

a grid will be very helpful!

there is an app called V380S which has very nice feature of grid detection zone

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One more vote for grid based detection zone.

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Thx Loki. Voted.


It would be much more useful to enable a grid for motion detection zone rather than the limited rectangle/square. Most cameras have the grid feature.

Polygon selection of detection zones would be great. What would be even better is being able to create multiple polygons. Nest has this figured out.


Nest allows free hand drawing of zones

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Nest also costs way more than Wyze.

Maybe an effective compromise would be to have two or three rectangular detection zones instead of just one?

It would be nice to allow more than 4 points to the detection zone square or rectangle of the Wyze Cam. In other words, allow the ability to add more points that you can manipulate into whatever shape you need for zone detection.


That would be very nice. I wonder if it’s feasible, though, on the processors in Wyze’s $20-30 cameras. Would such a zone detection algorithm be less computationally expensive than just repeating the existing rectangle zone detection n times? The latter is certainly inelegant, but it would work, and could probably be implemented comparatively quickly and cheaply.

I would recommend a grid, that’s what all the other security cams that I have use. The rectangle is very limiting and also has a minimum width and height that limits its usefulness in picking off things like walkways and driveways.


Grid or polygon would be an improvement.

As far as most requested feature, I find it odd that more people want browser access over better motion detection. :thinking: Who wants to look at the video, unless there’s interesting event.


I would also like the grid feature (drawing a pattern for zone) this would prevent a lot of false alert like plants, sky etc… I think this feature is a must!

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I’d like to see the detection box be a little more flexible. You should create a new feature to draw the detection zone on the image instead of just a simple rectangle. Or, even better, allow multiple detection zones on the camera (admittedly that is probably too processor intensive).

Would love to see a feature like this on my cameras.


All my motion detection zones behave properly - BUT - I have a problem setting the detection zone for my atrium and front door. I’ve made to “box” that defines the motion zone as small as I can make it, both in height and width. But if I make it high enough to avoid the plants that move when the wind blows (and the moving tree shadows on the sidewalk), the zone is then high enough to pick up every passing car’s headlights against the garage wall and trigger an alert. A great solution would be to allow the user to make the zone smaller in both height and width. An additional plus would be to allow a second zone from the same camera. Wyze seems to be stretching tech and reaching for miracles all the time; are these out of reach?

I’ve been really hoping for this as well!

one solution for the plants and headlights issue would be to use the wyze sense kit. it has a PIR sensor included. I was having the same issue you were between shadows and headlights and that PIR sensor has saved me a rather large avalanche of false alerts.

Thanks, Bam. I’d gladly pop for multiple Wyze Sense kits, if I had enough facts to know it would work. I’ve suggested to Wyze that the detection zone be made so it can be smaller, either vertically or horizontally. The smallest window allowed still picks up headlights passing far out of the immediate range.

As for your idea about the Wyze Sense, will the PIR work through glass? All my cameras are indoors and viewing through window glass. I’d hate to buy (at least three) kits, only to find out that I still have the same problem.

no the PIR will not be able to detect changes through glass.

if you have a semi protected area, maybe you will be able to do what I did and mount one outside. he was my solution.