Google nest hub keeps displaying "smart home camera"

The same problem over here. Every time I try to see any of my 10 wyze cams on google home nest I only see a black screen and the notice for 2 minutes “smart home cameras”. I now have only two choices. Replace all my wyze cams with an other brand or change to Alexa. ¿what should I do? My wyze cam is a v2 and the firmware I also want to add that I live in europe, not sure if that has something to do with it since Wyze always states that they do not support europe for what ever reason.

im getting it too. one of my Nest Hubs casts to the TV and that seems to work, the camera feed shows up on the TV after a few seconds of buffering. but on the other Nest Hub in the other room, i get the issue everyone is describing above.

Same issue as everyone. Any solution post?