Google Home/Assistant Integration

Mine did the same thing. Working at first then stopped. I disconnected Wyze from my google list of manufacturers, then re-added. That did the trick.

I have both Google Home and Alexa, it’s amazing the difference in the load time. Any news on when Google will get better?

Works fine for me. Takes about 5 seconds to show camera feed on TV.

That’s Google Home right? Because it wasn’t even able to be implemented to work that fast. Are you using Alexa perhaps? If you go back and read Frederik’s posts you will see how hard it was to get it to work at all. It works, but it lags before it displays anything on screen.

I have both. Problem is only with google home and I was wondering if any progress has been made in making it faster or if it’s on a back burner.

It is not on a back burner. We have to create the WebRTC implementation in the firmware, change the cloud and then change the integration with Google Home. This is time consuming and an on going effort. The current ETA is about Q1 2020 but no promise since we are just starting the beta testing of the core technology and we still have all the integrations work mentioned.


Thanks for the update. Appreciated.

Hi, is there a rodamap for enabling Google Home/Assistant integration outside of the US/Canada at this point? I’m in Mexico and I love my two V2’s; I can perfectly detect them in my Goggle home application (home network) but that’s pretty much all I can do with them. I have a Google Nest (formerly Hub) and other chromecast enabled devices but I cannot stream what I see on the V2’s to any of those screens.
When the Google Home integration first came in, I was able to stream my cams but this was no longer possible after the formal rollout.
Thank you very much, you do excellent products and I’m very happy with them.

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It’s great that there’s some form of integration on Alexa and the Google Home platforms but specifically about the Google Home I have a couple questions… I have a lenovo Google Home Smart Display and:

  1. Any idea why I have 3 instances of each cam (4 in total right now) on my Google Home?
  2. Why the smart home camera ends streaming after a certain amount of time?
  3. Why is there an 18 sec lag to stream cameras on the device… it’s longer than the wyze app where I get 12 sec. (still a lot!)

I’m not sure about number one, as I have never seen that on my LSD. Maybe unlink and relink Wyze to Google Nest?

The bottom of this page can answer your questions about 2 and 3. :slight_smile:

Try saying “Hey Google. Sync my devices.” For more on this command, see here under “I don’t see my device in the Home control setting of the Google Home app.”

I tried to set a custom command in my google home routine to turn my wyze smartcam on /off with “Turn on garage camera” and “turn off garage camera” and it randomly works some of the time but doesn’t work most of the time and google will throw up a page that tries to load the camera feed but only ever displays a black screen when it fails to turn the camera off. Is there any way this can be improved upon?

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Turning off cameras is not supported. This article contains a list of valid commands.

A command for turning camera OFF would be just as useful as turning it ON.
Personally I’m trying to get to a point with my Google Nest Hub where I can simply say (have a “routine” for) “Activate home security” and have all my Wyze cameras and sensors turn on. Then of course, when I’m home (or get home) I can say “Deactivate home security” and all of my sensors and cameras would deactivate.
Hope we get there :wink:

I have 3 mini. Would love to have the light bulbs I bough work with them and the plugs.
I have the cameras too but no hub yet.
Hope this happens

As of 5/29/19, the Google Assistant integration has officially launched!

Lol :loudspeaker::loudspeaker::loudspeaker:

I’m not sure how I’m supposed to interpret that :thinking:

Just having a chuckle about the launch date… it really still doesn’t work well yet…