Google Home/Assistant Integration



We’re investigating this now! We don’t have timelines or promises but we’re going to do our best to make this happen. This would open up automation and voice control options for people that use Google Home/Assistant.



Here’s the most recent update as of 12/10/2018:

Integration with Google Home Hub
Chromecast integration
Google Assistant?
Suggestion: integrating with Google Assistant

Okay, now there is a real place (Home Hub) to legitimately view Wyze Cam feeds. Please support Google Assistant integration as soon as you can. Love my Wyze Cams! Just pre-ordered my Google Home Hub, so help me out here y’all! :smiley:


I second that. I decided to pre-order the new Google Home Hub as well and would love to see the Wyze Cam integration with it.


I’ve added both your votes for Google Assistant integration to Wyze’s feature request tracker. I’m told that this will probably be the next major integration added. However, I have no idea when that might be.


I’m not sure how this qualifies as Wyze News and would like to learn more.


Add me to the request tracker as a yes vote!!! This would be awesome.




Hi RickO. Please add my vote too. This would be a great feature to add!




Please move this to the proper forum.




Thanks for moving this thread as well Rick. I didn’t really know where to start it! :smiley:


Me Too! (8 Cameras and counting…)





Me too please!


Got it. Done.


My vote as well.


I’ve added your vote.


Another vote please. This is the deciding factor for more Wyzecams for me.