Doorbell Chime will not connect

I had the same issue and here is what helped me: Some have suggested to reboot your doorbell, then try to pair. It never worked, but then I realized that the reboot doorbell button in the app wasn’t actually rebooting my doorbell. So i went to the breaker that the doorbell was on and turned it off for 20 seconds and turned it back on (basically doing a manual reboot). Tried to pair the chime again and BINGO worked like a charm.

Edit: just for curiosity sake, mine is a pre-order model.

NONE of that worked for me on 2 pre-ordered doorbells. The 3 I bought from Home Depot worked fine. The issue is with pre-ordered doorbells.

For the life of me can’t get the chime to connect to the Wyze Doorbell. First one I ordered was from Amazon. Second I bought at Home Depot. Neither will connect. Wyze are you paying attention? Seems like this is a really common issue.

I’ve forgotten how I got mine to play nice. Worked for me and some others, but not all. It should be in the thread though. Fingers crossed.

What bothers me more, is that it rarely detects the mail truck delivering my daily dose of junk mail.

The Home Depot one won’t connect either. Wow. They were the only ones that worked for me. Installed 3 of them with no issue.

Doorbell install was easy, but I cannot get the chime to connect.

Pre order or did you get from Home Depot?

First one came from Amazon. Second from Big Box Orange store. Neither chime works. Big bummer.

exchange at another HD…there is a bad batch of doorbells that will not connect no matter what…

Hey everyone I can’t get mine to connect.

I disconnect the positive and negative it still wouldn’t work. Is it not compatible with this? Any help is appreciated. Thank you.

I ended up exchanging mine at a different HD and this one works. 3rd times the charm…

yup…there it is

Worked perfectly for me. Thanks for posting!