Cam pan , Firmware , Low audio volume

I can’t believe that more people aren’t up in arms about this…is it not an issue for most that there is virtually no usable audio from the Wyze cams? How is this so difficult to fix?

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This is also still an issue with me, and I’m on and on volume at its highest I can’t hear anything unless it’s yelled at the camera.

Is there not a solution for this? I am having the same problem on a recently installed monitor we are using as a baby monitor. Sound is very important. My firmware is up to date. I will submit a ticket.

No you have to downgrade like I did and then deal with an annoying pop up asking you to upgrade your firmware every time you click on a camera. But hey, the sound works great!

Just curious…is there any update on the internal tested fix yet?


Very interested in this as well. Going on 6 months.


Does the new person detection work with the old firmware (v4.10.2.31) for proper sound ?

The new person detection requires updated FW but I am not sure at which FW it was introduced

Hmmm, sounds like I have to make a choice between properly working sound (old FW) or person detection.

How do you install an older FW version, and how far back should I go to get the sound working again? Wyze seems to be very absent on this.