Bulbs turn on by themselves

Yes Vacation mode is off.

I’ve had great experience with my cams. No issues at all. I even added an antenna to a one to get better reception.

However I agree on the bulbs. It’s frustrating and disappointing. I will say that the outlet modules have been ok so far.

I only take issue with your comment about getting what you pay for. I paid less for new bulbs that have been fine. It’s not a cost thing here. It’s an engineering/implementation issue. None of which you have control over. Returning them is definitely your best bet. I may buy a new pair of wyze bulbs soon and see if they have improved from the initial batch. I still think there was defective hardware in the first production run but that’s only my opinion. I have no info from wyze to back that up.

I personally think they have a good base for items but need to spend more time and money on the backend. Again with the limited knowledge I have…

What went wrong with your pancam if you don’t mind my asking? I’ve been running three outside (under a roof) for over a year and they’ve been ok so far .

Mine had finally started acting ok, so I decided to keep them. But apparently something in this last firmware update really screwed the pooch. I now have random ones out of my eight coming on two and three times a night. I love the cams, but these bulbs are really causing me to rethink my future choices.

Really? Ill plug in my worst offender then and see what happens. Thanks for the info!

I mean, it may just be a fluke, since the release notes only reference the SSID length, but yeah. It’s been really bad since the update. The only reason I haven’t put my old LEDs back in is because I’m too lazy to break out the ladder.

Hey it can’t hurt to try. Any info is good info in my opinion. Thanks for the update regardless