App Dark Theme/Mode

The application is very light or bright. I hope for a new version worked with the night system,


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How is it possible you’ve still not implemented a dark mode. If incapable, make the white parts black so it’s eternally dark (think ms paint and an intern)

I seriously find it hard to believe that not one Wyze employee has opened the app up in the middle of the night when it’s dark. One of you has to have experienced the blinding excessive amount of bright white your app puts out in the middle of the night.

I get wanting to be nostalgic for the 2010’s and keeping the app looking old and out of date for the hipsters, but some of us don’t want to see ghost images of the app burned into our retinas for five minutes after closing the app at night.


Jeff, EXACTLY. I’ve been ranting and raving about this for 2 years now. I once had a response approx a year and a half back from Gwendolyn. she said it will be implemented in version 3.

all I’ve seen them ever code was new modules for new products day in and day out. I even joined the beta program hoping I’d get a copy and then the beta program destroyed all my cameras that are out of state and I had to live without them for 3 months until I went down there and managed to get them set back up again.

The only Bone they ever threw us was they finally fixed their database allowing us to change emails. there are people whose email providers or even in business anymore and people could not reset passwords without jumping through major hoops.

I haven’t heard a peep from anyone since then nor has anyone seen a beta version nothing NADA they don’t even look at their own wish list nor read this forum.

It’s very disheartening and it’s rather abusive of US customers.

Get TypeApp for Android


Guys, they’re too busy developing the Wyze toilet brush and butt wipes to spend time implementing dark mode.


Baffles me why some apps have it and some don’t. Should be requirement by Apple and Google imo. Blink for example has dark mode but Wyze doesn’t and Ring doesn’t either. Ridiculous.

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Any movement on this request yet? This is very important for folks with astigmatism. I have to use dark themes whenever possible for my eyes.

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I stopped using the app at night due to being blinded and waking up the wife.

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This was initially posted November 2018, so closing on 3 years.

At this point I think it’s more realistic to wait for the sun to be extinguished of it’s own accord to deliver us a version of dark mode, albeit not the preferred one.

Wyze folks, how about you made a tinted screen protector that darkens the blinding white background of apps that haven’t caught up to the rest of the world yet in terms of programming and delivering the experience the user wants. You can make it universal by allowing us to trim it, then just use static to hold it on the screen. Main huddle will be letting the light of the video passthrough to be visible though while still blocking the searing blind light of the wyze app

It would solve the issue, and also give you another random thing to sell which would give a good excuse to putting off dark mode implementation.


Wyze is Tone deaf and customer blind.

They have no real idea of how far behind the curve their app is.

They just keep digging a deeper hole by adding module after module.

I’m beginning to look for alternative cameras. I dumped Logitech (discontinued) and Samsung systems. I actually liked the Samsung best but was lured away by Wyze…

My watch 44 was a bomb. Corrosion caused them to discontinue it.

Rush rush rush more more more.

Give us an app you can be proud of and we can actually use

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The best Wyze cam app is called “Tinycam Pro”…

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Thanks for the reminder. I need to checkout “Tinycam Pro”.

Does TinyCam Pro have a Windows Desktop app? I believe Wyze has dropped the ball and lost said ball on implementing a Windows interface.

If memory serves you run it on android or evil fruit phone as a web server, then you can pull up in browser on normal computer.

Haven’t had the chance to mess with it as I only use real time for a few things and use the tablet to monitor that.

2FA will throw off the login though, doesn’t seem to retain access, have to put code in each time app runs…

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tinyCam runs on Android only (no iOS app) but…
the Pro version has a web server that allows you to view your cameras on any browser.

I use tinyCam Pro on an Android TV box attached to a 27" monitor on my desk.

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Hello All,

I like to look at my cameras at night. It would be really cool to add a Dark Mode in the app if that’s possible? Thank you

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Such a unique request. :laughing:

We really need a dark mode for iOS & iPadOS apps! Right now, the Wyze app is probably the only app I have that does not have a dark mode. Preferably, do a light/dark mode that adapts to the device setting.

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Please can the dev team make this a priority.

Using Wyze Cam for a baby cam and it’s so bad having a bright white light in your face in the middle of the night.

Is it really that hard???