App Dark Theme/Mode



I’d love to see a dark mode theme for the app with a black or mostly black interface.

There is nothing like opening the app to view an alert in bed to be blinded by the current white dominate interface.

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Wyze App v2.0 Launched!

Agreed. I turn my phone on it’s side to not get the white screen but then I can only record and change video quality. :thinking:


Google recently admitted that the white backgrounds of Material Design are burning up more battery time on phones.


Glad to finally learn,
“What’s a Dark Theme?” .

I’m in & Voted!
Every Election!


WYZE app has so much white in it, it blinds me when I’m checking my cameras in bed. Would love a dark mode especially with true black backgrounds…


This needs to happen, but I vote that it’s named ‘doom’ instead of ‘dark’ :upside_down_face:


Sooo this!
It saves battery & cuts down on eyestrain!




Please add a “night mode” to the app while in portrait mode, where all the white blank areas become black or dark grey, and the video pane is dimmed slightly. We use an old iPad / Wyze combo as a baby monitor. If we turn the iPad horizontal, it won’t fit on our charging stand and it would surely die by morning.

Maybe night mode can be triggered by Night Shift (iOS), or similar functions in Android? Maybe it can be customized by user? Maybe it goes by sunset/sunrise schedules?

In any case, this would be of tremendous utility to us. Thank you!


I understand your charging stand issue, but … let’s not encourage the developers to implement any new feature JUST for portrait mode. Many of us have been clamoring to have landscape mode implemented throughout the app on our tablets, in my case an iPad. For me, this is a physical necessity and the single biggest problem with the app.

Having said this, I was surprised (and delighted) when I noticed this App Dark Theme/Mode thread/roadmap item. I have SO much trouble seeing text labels in the new version of the app (thin font, insufficient contrast, etc.). Providing a Dark Theme/Mode for the app, similar to what I’m looking at NOW in the forum, is a wonderful idea.


Absolutely agree. In order to ‘enhance’ night vision, I’ll turn my phone landscape (full screen) and turn the brightness up to the max. It’s great for seeing things captured by the IR, but it’s blinding if you forget to turn it down before exiting landscape (full screen) to check another event or camera.


You have Dark Theme in the forum? Edit: Ooooh, found it!

I started working with shortcuts last night and they are totally unreadable in this color scheme.


Welcome to the dark side! And yes, text labels on shortcuts (off-white on cyan) and bottom of screen menu items (light gray on white) don’t exactly shout CONTRAST, to me anyway … cataract surgery or not. :nerd_face:


My eyes are so shot from trying to use the app, I tried to load it on an iPad. Nope… 9.3.5 and v2 don’t seem to like each other.


It is even hard to read on their support pages and that is significantly larger than my phone.



At night when images may be relatively dark, it would be helpful if you could toggle the background color to black foregrounds to white and teal. Let’s the user iris dilate , also throws less light into the room


Don’t forget to vote at the top of the page.


Still want this to happen. It would be nice to know that its at least in development since so many people are interested in it.


This is desperately needed - I checked my pan last night at like 1 am after a loud noise downstairs and I’m pretty sure I could smell my retinas searing…