App Dark Theme/Mode

Add me to the list needing dark mode. Killer on the eyes, especially at night.


Dev mode on Andriod let’s you override the app forcing dark mode.

DEV mode only works on Android 10 and above.

It also wreaks havoc with other apps rendering black text on black backgrounds.

I tend to keep it turned off because it affects my messaging apps and others which I access more often than Wyze App.

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Please have a dark mode!

As someone who builds apps for a living my guess is that the same issues that prevent the app(s) from supporting landscape correctly, also prevent them from being able to easily be converted to support Darkmode without major rewrites. Ultimately I suspect they will need to rearchitect their app to use the latest design practices to support both/either. The problem with this is that they would need to stop working on feature updates, to support new hardware for instance, in order to do that, or increase their team size.

You are correct, Wyze has already said it will require a complete rewrite.
Version 3.0 is supposed to have Dark Mode. We are at v2.16.xx. It’s a long way off… :joy:


Lmfao :joy: :joy_cat: I think that’s hilarious, dark mode, just 1line of code fellahs maybe 5 and ya done

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…but they can keep writing new code for an onslaught of new product. PRIORITIES?

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For the love of God, please work on a dark mode. Writing this after just awakening to a strange noise in the basement, checking cameras and being blinded.

It was a :cat2: but I’m thinking that would be great if I had to go out and confront someone breaking into my house after blinding oneself.

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