Anyone else have their Wyze motion sensor battery die already?

I am not tossing my bricked unit in case someone comes up with a clever hack. :rofl:

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Same! I just saw that Home Depot still sells motion sensors v1 at my location (and also online). So I might see if they would be willing to do an exchange and send back the bricked unit…

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This is an update…
7/21/21 Low Battery in app - 3.10 V - Replace battery with CR2450H @ 3.24 V

Let’s see if the Hight Capacity batteries make a difference.

I will keep you all updated on this experiment.

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As promised, here is an update as of Oct 3.
The PIR sensor is still functioning with the CR2450H battery.
This is the longest that any of the batteries have lasted.
The WYZE app is still reporting the PIR battery as “normal”.

I will submit an update at a later date and search of “High Capacity Batteries” for the Version 1 sensors the test them as well. It just blows my mind how many sensors I lost (bricked) because of the batteries and the WYZE app not showing a battery percentage in lieu of a low battery warning that admittedly I did not pay attention to. This would have been a good reason for the app to have a NAG screen for low battery warning. :thinking:

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Thanks so much for the update!! Super helpful!!

As of this writing on November 2nd, the sensor is still working.
We are now at more than 3 months,

Is this issue of the sensor getting bricked just for version 1? I got a HMS kit last week that has version 2.

Why is this thread still open? ALL V1 sensors should have required a battery change sine 2019 when this thread was opened.

At this point, we’re looking for ways to extend battery life through use of specific replacements, as well as avoid bricking as they’re known to do.

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That is precisely why this thread should stay open. I really feel like I discovered that all batteries are not alike, My battery is still working since 7/21/2021. That should speak volumes.

@micahmc , trust my recommendations and you won’t have to worry about bricking any more sensors. I am also keeping track of the 1632’s for the V1 Hall effect sensors. Not ready to report on that.

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That’s actually really helpful! Thanks so much again for doing all of that research and reporting!

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Yes mine died in the first few months. I haven’t even replaced the batteries and am pretty disappointed. Those things aren’t cheap!

These are the steps I am now doing for the V! Hall effect sensors. (1632 battery)
As soon as the WYZE app reports low battery, act immediately.
Get new battery and verify it has 3.2 volts, if not find battery that is >3.2 volts.
Remove sensor from mounting and make sure battery does not fall out.
Put on nitril gloves or the like and swap battery quickly. Light will blink.
Verify old battery was below 3.05 volts.
I have not had a single bricked unit since I follow this procedure.

I am still searching for a battery battery.
Also, thinking about created test points on sensor to periodically test battery voltage.
Note: there is very little time from low battery indication on app and a pending bricked unit.

Better battery…Oops