Anyone else have their Wyze motion sensor battery die already?

So I had my Motion sensor go offline already. I started troubleshooting and finally narrowed it down to the battery, I got out my multi-meter and confirmed the battery was already to low (2.4 volts). Grabbed another 3v battery and boom it came back online. I ordered more CR2450 so it fits properly so we will see if it was a bad battery or something draining the battery. Just wasn’t sure if any one else has run into this.

I have the same concern. It would be nice if the CR2032 (most motherboard coin batteries) would work in the Sense. I work in IT industry, so I have literally unlimited access to these CR2032 batteries I could use. Just like when I choose what Tile to buy, I would rather get the Pro or Sport given they are also using CR2032.

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Well, you helped me learn that these sensors are not disposable, like the Tile key finders that we’re suppose to replace completely when the battery dies. :slight_smile: thanks.

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:smile: glad I could help. FYI I ordered 20 of these batteries on amazon for $9. Replaced my original and sensor is working fine.

Noticed my Sense motion sensor was offline yesterday. Then I checked and found out the battery is dead, voltage down to 2.7V. It just lasted 1 month ! The area the motion sensor is sensing is pretty busy but just 1 month of battery life is very short!
Wyze, please

  • send notification if battery level is low. Samsung smartthings app does this.
  • options to reduce sensitivity.
  • any tricks to extend battery life.
    I am going to add a home made shield to reduce the detection area of the sensor.
    Ordered 25 CR2450 from ebay !

My front door Wyse contact sensor was installed couple weeks ago only, and two open and close per day, and today got a low battery warning, what gives!?

Haven’t had the problem with motion sensor, but one of my brand new contact sensors already has a red battery warning in the properties.

Just had a contact sensor that I’ve had for about a month give me a low battery indication. Way too short of time.

I have not experienced any low battery alerts yet, I am not sure how long mine have been up, but I would say at least 2 months

I wish they would have used a AAA battery at least in the contact sensors, at least those are rechargeable.

That would have more than doubled the size of the sensor

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Not my motion sensor, but one of my contact sensors showed the battery as red straight out of the box. It’s been going about two weeks so far no problems. (still red though)

Same! Got my sensor starter kit just two months ago and the motion sensor is already dead. Very low traffic area and just two people in my house. Wish they’d come out with a low battery notification. So much for their claim of 12 months of battery usage.

The battery definitely shouldn’t have died so quickly. You can check the battery status in the Wyze app. Tap sensor > settings icon top right > Device Settings > Device Info > Battery.

My batteries have all been going dead within 2 months. That makes this useless if you go away.