Anyone else have their Wyze motion sensor battery die already?

I have up and your them off and trashed them. All these devices are underpowered with these type batteries. The batteries in my other motion sensors last 5 years or more. My batteries died in a month.
It’s not worth my time to send these back and get same problem back. The thought going into how often these would be triggered was sure not done right.

I’m already reading about the new plugs failing so they are off my list. You need things that reboot properly after a power outage. If I’m 1300 miles away I can’t fly home to push a button. I need things that don’t fail and I have them but they are not from this company any longer.

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For one contact sensor, and I’m in New Zealand, not really worth the effort, doesn’t put me off Wyze products I’ve also had a camera die, but I’ve still got half a dozen cameras performing flawlessly.

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I love wyze. But I’m not sure why they say the battery lasts 12 months. One of mine died in about 3 months. Does anyone know what might contribute to the quick drain?


When the Wyze Sense devices came out, I wait for an month before install it and saw many posting around batteries. I just ordered the two different sizes of batteries from Amazon and changed all six of them as a pre-maintenance issue for less than $10 before installation and its been without issue. I just thought about as an installation part, much like buying a 26 or 33 ft USB cables, protective housing units or the stainless steel screws for mounting the Wyzecams outdoors.

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One of my contact sensors was DOA. Was about to send it back when I decided to open it. The battery wasn’t properly seated.


I had the same problem, just tonight. My front door motion sensor has been going offline the past few days, but every time it was online it said it had good signal strength and a normal battery. So tonight I took it apart to test the battery, and found the battery was cockeyed. It had fallen off it’s perch a couple of weeks ago, so I’m guessing the battery was barely making contact since then. The battery is 6 months old and measures 3V, so it still appears to be good. The sensor is up and running again.

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Minds was 4+ months!

What kind now t replace them is now my question?

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The Wyze Sense page on their website and the shop section in the app had this in the specs.

  • Contact Sensor: CR1632
  • Motion Sensor: CR2450
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I’d try Batteries Plus. Amazon is pretty sketchy for batteries.

Check the battery contacts in the sensor . I found that if the sensor it bumped or is vibrated a lot such as mounted to a door that is opened and closed the center contact will lose it’s tension against the battery .
Simply remove the battery and gently lift ( bend ) the center contact up so that it has more tension against the battery .
I have had both of my mailbox and newspaper contact sensors die (about 5 months). I assume it is related to the cold weather. I am updating the 2 sensors I have outside to a CR123A Lithium 3-volt battery with 1,550mAh capacity . This should last several years . Battery will be mounted externally under the mailbox .



I appreciate the suggestion, but I recommend people be very careful of this “Gently Lift (bend)” method. I barely began to apply pressure and the contact snapped right off. :frowning:

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So both my contact sensors popped up with the low battery alert at the same time. One sensor is inside my house and one sensor is in the garage. Temps haven’t gotten below about 30F here yet, but again, one is inside the house. The one inside the house gets tripped once a day. The garage one more often. Regardless this is far shorter than a year. So either Wyze needs to revisit their battery supplier or revisit their math.


I simply changed all of my 8 Wyze batteries a week after I got them from early release purchase. They all now have worked flawlessly since. For me the cost of the batteries for eight sensors was cheaper than $10. So I got over it and moved on.

They are junk. Mine all died.

My Sense battery is running low already in less than a year. Just ordered some Energizer brand from Amazon. Hopefully it will last longer after.

Update to my post on Dec 19th. I ordered a 4-pack of contact sensors as I accidentally destroyed one. They shipped on Jan 6th, 2020. I got around to installing it probably that Saturday, January 11th. Battery is now dead. 2.5 months. Come. The. Frig. On.

Mine is Low two days after installation.