Anyone else have their Wyze motion sensor battery die already?

I have up and your them off and trashed them. All these devices are underpowered with these type batteries. The batteries in my other motion sensors last 5 years or more. My batteries died in a month.
It’s not worth my time to send these back and get same problem back. The thought going into how often these would be triggered was sure not done right.

I’m already reading about the new plugs failing so they are off my list. You need things that reboot properly after a power outage. If I’m 1300 miles away I can’t fly home to push a button. I need things that don’t fail and I have them but they are not from this company any longer.

For one contact sensor, and I’m in New Zealand, not really worth the effort, doesn’t put me off Wyze products I’ve also had a camera die, but I’ve still got half a dozen cameras performing flawlessly.