Alexa Wyze Skill for Outside North America

How about a little less understanding and a little more action?

@WyzeGwendolyn Are you able to find out why my dozen el cheapo chinese smart plugs from little known chinese companies have Alexa and Google Home Assistant enabled and working perfectly? There are literally thousands of skills out there working worldwide…yet Wyze can’t do it?

It is beyond understanding unless you want to try to make me understand.

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My response was to “Gwendolyn”. I’m asking Wyze to provide a little less understanding and a little more action. Apologies if I wasn’t clear.

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I have the same problem here in BRAZIL, my cams worked fine at my Iphone Wyze App, but even connected with Alexa, I could not use it calling “Alexa, show me cam1”

Make the cams working in BRAZIL with Alexa.

See this link:

My WyzeCam’s are working fine!

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Jorge Quintao

Just my 2 cents here: I am French, I live in Austria, and Wyze was recommended to me by an Italian friend. So if your question is: is there a market outside the US? The answer is: yes, there is :), and the 206 messages in this thread also prove it.

I have tested plenty of cams, Wyze is the most stable by far. It really keeps up with the promise of the founder to deliver something that works. Congrats to the team for the hard work behind.

Now, that Alexa issue. Yep, it’s a pain. As I couldn’t have it working here in Austria, I tried Ring cams… and came back to Wyze after a week. And forgot about Alexa’s integration for some time, until I saw this thread.

Really, I think you guys at Wyze have a great product for indoor family cams. Why don’t you focus on that and take a worldwide lead on that niche?
You went to explore other products for which there’s tons of competition already… not sure where this is heading. You have done 95% of the work on the cams, the Alexa skills are certainly extra work, but once done you could really sell worldwide.

Again, just my 2 cents :slight_smile:

Cheers to the team,


Hey guys, don’t you worry - I’m sure Wyze will take note of this 3 year old request with over 175 backers when it can design and release bluetooth headphones requested by about ten peoplee less than 3 months ago. Surely the infrastructure and investment required to make a brand new product which practically nobody wants or asked for and is far removed from Wyze’s core camera business isn’t more than what’s required for this years old request to be fulfilled - I mean if it were less than what’s required here it would mean that Wyze has been lying about new infrastructure being a barrier. I’m sure everyone here can draw the correct conclusions.

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Hi Gwendolyn, how is it that no name no brand Chinese cameras have worldwide Alexa skills but you guys “can’t afford the infrastructure”? I’ve had one random Chinese camera running on Alexa for over two years and yet you guys haven’t managed to even start over the same period. Doubly important now that IFTTT isn’t an option anymore and yet no on seems to be interested in enacting this or even just introducing local control through smartthings/hubitat/home assistant. Just incredible. Congratulations on the Bluetooth headphones you guys are testing - I’m sure those ten voters who backed it will really help your business more than the thousands of additional cameras you would be able to sell if guys just got your act together on the integration front.

I won’t buy another Wyze product until they sort out the Alexa elephant in the room. It has been going o for years and its pathetic.

Hear hear!

Please add wyze skill to Alexa Mexico. Now we have different Alexa devices with skill videos such as fire tv and echo show. We just need the wyze skill to watch the video from the wyze cameras devices.

So agree. I’ve got 6 of these and they’re great but I’m not investing in them anymore and will convert to an Alexa enabled device in the coming months. Thermostat looks great too but I won’t be caught out again in Aus.

2 whole years later and not a peep of any progress on Alexa integration. It’s the one thing that would make me want to purchase more and recommend this product. I love the cameras but not having the Alexa support in the UK is a massive problem.

Surely this opens up a massive global market in Europe alone, Get the finance guy on it!

It has to make sense?

By the way, an update on this, there is an alternative way to make Wyze products work with Alexa outside the U.S. here are the steps:

1.- Download IFTTT app on your mobile device where you have the Alexa application for your echo or echo dot device.

2.- Create an account within the IFTTT app.

3.- Sync Alexa and Wyze accounts to IFTTT app within the IFTTT application, it will require you to log in to your Wyze account and Amazon account to link all together (Basically IFTTT is like the funnel Alexa will use to communicate with Wyze).

4.- Search Wyze applets under the IFTTT application, you will see applets created from other users, either choose one of those or create one of your own (you can create up to 3 in the free version)

5.- Once the applet is connected, go to your Alexa Application and create a routine, that way you can set the specific words you want within your language/region for Alexa to perform a specific action, and not be limited to the IFTTT applet command that the creator specified.

It’s pretty straight forward and works pretty seamless, I already got it to work in Spanish.

The only downside is that if you have a lot of bulbs (as an example) to turn on and off and you want to turn them on and off individually, eventually you will run out of the 3 free applets you can create, relying on what others have already created to connect to them hoping that there are enough applets created so you don’t need to pay the premium version to create more.

One thing that Wyze could do to help us out here the international folks is that I see they (Wyze) have an IFTTT account as there are a few applets created by them, if they could help us to create a lot of applets under their premium account, for like 10 bulbs that would be awesome, that way we as users do not need to pay for an IFTTT premium version to create applets.

Long story short, Wyze could get a premium account on IFTTT for a small $3.99 and create unlimited applets to satisfy all the international users.

More on this topic:

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Wyze is still a so much better product than Blink or no-name chinese brands yet the latter all manage to get Alexa working worldwide whilst all of us outside the US are simply being ignored.

It is a shame that Wyze has less ambitions in being a global brand and more a “we will produce anything cheeply” company philosophy.

I still like my Wyze cameras but will not purchase anything else from Wyze until this issue is resolved.

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So As I dig in more into this issue, I need to correct my previous post to provide accurate information.

Looks like IFTTT removed the ability for users to share applets publicly between users a long time ago. (Makes sense, they want as many users to get a pro account as possible, rather than one pro account sharing applets for everyone to use.) Confirmation tweet here: So sharing applets between users are off the table now.

Wyze does have a business account, and it is either the team or enterprise versions as those are the ones where you can publish applets to everyone ( so based on this it’s just a matter of if they are willing to do it. They could create applets like:

Bulb One: Turn On, Bulb One: Turn Off, Bulb Two: Turn On, Bulb Two, Turn Off. and so on and so forth as needed/per user’s request. They could even set the phrase personalizable if they want to.

So we are either at mercy of Wyze helping us out, or paying a pro account on IFTTT, or of course switch products to ones that do support Alexa internationally.

Last but not least I do want to mention that the conclusion for this is that Alexa support on Wyze devices is possible through IFTTT. It will require a Wyze employee (even an internship can do this) or whoever manages the IFTTT account at Wyze to set individual applets for like an average X number of products (Let’s say 10) that a user has at his home.

Hi! I just bought the V2 and the PAN Wyze cameras because they worked with Alexa (or so I read in the description, I got them from Amazon Mexico, only to realize that the Alexa skill is only available for the USA! after I got them :sob:

… it is almost the end of 2020, so how is this not supported globally?

now I am thankful that I did not get the starter pack with the sensors LOL.

Is it going to be available for Alexa in Mexico any time soon? I was hoping to get 2 more cameras but without Alexa support I might end up getting other brand of cameras, something I wouldn’t want to do now after using Wyze :frowning_face:


Another vote for the UK. I knew they wouldn’t have Alexa integration when I bought them almost two years ago, but every time I get an email saying “New Wyze smart plant pot!”, “New Wyze smart cat litter tray!” it makes me sad for the missing camera features.

On the plus side, I was finally able to subscribe to the complete motion capture after they added PayPal payments, so thank you for that.

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Please add Uk Wyze skill