Alexa Wyze Skill for Outside North America

How about a little less understanding and a little more action?

@WyzeGwendolyn Are you able to find out why my dozen el cheapo chinese smart plugs from little known chinese companies have Alexa and Google Home Assistant enabled and working perfectly? There are literally thousands of skills out there working worldwide…yet Wyze can’t do it?

It is beyond understanding unless you want to try to make me understand.

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My response was to “Gwendolyn”. I’m asking Wyze to provide a little less understanding and a little more action. Apologies if I wasn’t clear.

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I have the same problem here in BRAZIL, my cams worked fine at my Iphone Wyze App, but even connected with Alexa, I could not use it calling “Alexa, show me cam1”

Make the cams working in BRAZIL with Alexa.

See this link:

My WyzeCam’s are working fine!

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Jorge Quintao

Just my 2 cents here: I am French, I live in Austria, and Wyze was recommended to me by an Italian friend. So if your question is: is there a market outside the US? The answer is: yes, there is :), and the 206 messages in this thread also prove it.

I have tested plenty of cams, Wyze is the most stable by far. It really keeps up with the promise of the founder to deliver something that works. Congrats to the team for the hard work behind.

Now, that Alexa issue. Yep, it’s a pain. As I couldn’t have it working here in Austria, I tried Ring cams… and came back to Wyze after a week. And forgot about Alexa’s integration for some time, until I saw this thread.

Really, I think you guys at Wyze have a great product for indoor family cams. Why don’t you focus on that and take a worldwide lead on that niche?
You went to explore other products for which there’s tons of competition already… not sure where this is heading. You have done 95% of the work on the cams, the Alexa skills are certainly extra work, but once done you could really sell worldwide.

Again, just my 2 cents :slight_smile:

Cheers to the team,


Hey guys, don’t you worry - I’m sure Wyze will take note of this 3 year old request with over 175 backers when it can design and release bluetooth headphones requested by about ten peoplee less than 3 months ago. Surely the infrastructure and investment required to make a brand new product which practically nobody wants or asked for and is far removed from Wyze’s core camera business isn’t more than what’s required for this years old request to be fulfilled - I mean if it were less than what’s required here it would mean that Wyze has been lying about new infrastructure being a barrier. I’m sure everyone here can draw the correct conclusions.

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Hi Gwendolyn, how is it that no name no brand Chinese cameras have worldwide Alexa skills but you guys “can’t afford the infrastructure”? I’ve had one random Chinese camera running on Alexa for over two years and yet you guys haven’t managed to even start over the same period. Doubly important now that IFTTT isn’t an option anymore and yet no on seems to be interested in enacting this or even just introducing local control through smartthings/hubitat/home assistant. Just incredible. Congratulations on the Bluetooth headphones you guys are testing - I’m sure those ten voters who backed it will really help your business more than the thousands of additional cameras you would be able to sell if guys just got your act together on the integration front.

I won’t buy another Wyze product until they sort out the Alexa elephant in the room. It has been going o for years and its pathetic.

Hear hear!