Add More IFTTT Triggers and Actions

We need IFTTT triggers for the Wyze Thermostat please. I am sure there are many that would be useful but the first one to come to mind is a notification or text message when the safety temperature is reached…

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Please add IFTTT support to the wyze vacuum!


I second the need for Wyze Thermostat Triggers/Actions on IFTTT. Trying to integrate the thermostat with Griddy so it can be turned on/off when electricity prices are low/high. At the moment the Wyze Thermostat doesn’t show up anywhere in IFTTT in the device selection list.

I would like to see a trigger to enable/disable notifications per camera. My use case is that I would like a log of all motion events all the time in event history, but only want notifications when I’m not home.

Since I have some cameras in areas that I want to get notifications for at all times, the current enable/ disable ALL notifications trigger doesn’t satisfy my use case.

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Please add Motion Detected and Doorbell Rang IFTTT support for the Wyze Doorbell.
It would probably be fine to just update the current IFTTT “Motion Is Detected” node to add the Doorbell camera as an option when picking cameras.

Ring the chime.

This post says you can do it, but I’ve found no way to add this.

Desirable if you have two doorbells and you want to use the comes in two floors.

Can we add IFTTT to Wyze Lock and the ability to turn the Wyze Lock off/on like the Wyze Cam has? This feature is very important to me and should be simple to add.

It seems that the Wyze Lock is the forgotten step child of Wyze Labs. While the Wyze Cams have a lot of automation options such as turning off/on motion sensing, on/off entirely, etc. and it integrates with IFTTT routines, all the Wyze Lock offers is a auto lock routine and zero integrations with 3rd party automation standards.

Having the ability to do more with the Lock, even stuff as basic as turning it off/on based on an integration with IFTTT would make it so much more powerful. Right now as it stands, I would most likely have to return it, because it is lacking the ability to have it work for my needs because of the lackluster support for features that are not fleshed out.

Is there any hope that Wyze Labs will release an update that adds these basic features?

Hello, i have a cat litter box and my cat tends to throw litter all over the floor it would be amazing if, with IFTTT, i can use Wyze’s Motion Sensor and the vacuum to work together, sending the vacuum to the certain location and then back.

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Need support for all new wyze products.
Doorbell especially, crazy new hardware continues to get released without automation support.

Also integrations with alexa for routines.

I really want the ability to turn notifications on and off with specific cameras. This way I can always leave notifications on for our outdoor cameras and use a Google Home Away routine to trigger an IFTTT applet via Assistant to enable and disable notifications on the indoors only while away.

At a minimum, Wyze IFTTT should include everything found in Wyze Rules for devices. For example I should be able to have the Wyze Thermostat set to Away when I enable Guard when I tell Alexa that I’m leaving. I already use the trigger to turn on notifications for the cameras. It seems the push for new products is coming at the expense of support for existing products.

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Another simple feature for the Wyze doorbell, add a trigger action for IFTTT. so if someone presses the doorbell it can trigger an IFTTT action.

Agree!! Doorbell support please