Add More IFTTT Triggers and Actions

This worked perfectly! I was able to follow the same process for contact sensors as well. Thank you!
Unfortunately this is not a long term solution as I will run out of outlets if I connect multiple locks and contact sensors to get the notifications I want. So I will either have to switch device brands for sensors or hope Wyze has a smart power strip soon.

With the new paywall at IFTTT on custom rules, looks like this request is more relevant now. We need some new rules to use.

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I would love to see more complex “actions” like the op listed!!

For me specifically I would love to be able to create a rule with a device trigger of “sound detected” which would then initiate a pan scan with motion detection. Once motion stopped or if none was detected I would like for the camera to return to a set position (ie. my front door)

Please add alternatives to IFTTT for automated smartphone controls. They changed to a freemium model, and their free tier is basically nonexistent. Their customer and tech support is awful as well. Maybe a guide to use Tasker and/or another Android alternative to IFTTT, and Shortcuts for iOS would work. (I only use Android, but don’t think anyone should be left out.)

IFTTT’s location trigger broke a couple years ago, so I have to use Life360 to make it work with Wyze (turn cameras on when I leave home, off when I return). The IFTTT team ignored my support ticket to address that issue. Now IFTTT won’t let me create more than 1 applet on the free tier, despite a purported limit of 3. IFTTT has basically become useless. And their full price of $10 per month is absurd – even their $1.99 and up set your own price promo is expensive for a broken product with poor support.

So I’d really appreciate if Wyze could look into supporting other smartphone automation apps and/or maybe building some basic automations into Wyze, such as a location trigger and maybe one that turns the cameras on/off when connected to certain wifi networks.


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Since IFTTT just annihilated their free tier, it’s well past time for Wyze to have good built-in automations


Could you please consider a new thread to specifically request alternatives to IFTTT for smartphone automation? With IFTTT’s new freemium model, and the crippled free tier, they are no longer a good option for many Wyze users.

On one hand, it would help if the Wyze team could develop IFTTT applets including location triggers, so people on the IFTTT free tier can use them without going against the 3 custom applet limit.

But at this point it would be best to consider options outside of IFTTT – either more automation apps, or just building in triggers to the Wyze app itself.

At any rate, my “wish” was not for more IFTTT triggers and actions, but for a way to automate Wyze on a smartphone without having to rely on IFTTT.


I have no problem paying a small usage fee to IFTTT… I have too much invested in it at this point (I’ve used since late 2014).

I’d like to see an action that can either be applied to a root group or selectable cameras. As-is you have to do a new rule for each camera for a “Turn On/Off device action”


I’d like to see the Wyze Lock added to IFTTT skills



Agreed. Specifically, I’d like my Wyze lock to lock when MyQ garage door closes so that I can leave and make sure both doors close.