Wyze Watch V2

I would like to get my hands on the wyze watch if it had Alexa or Google search by adding a microphone. I am a truck driver and federal law requires us not to use handheld devices it would be check a destination or the weather of a place where we are driving to so we make it there safe.

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It looks as if the least expensive Android Wear watches are about $200. One would think there’s plenty of room to compete against them. Without such real ecosystem support (as in, an actual choice of applications) these other watches are, in my opinion, each doomed short lived one-offs by definition.

Only solution I can think of is either get a Wyze Band or Echo Auto for Alexa, or use Android Auto for Google Assistant. Though AA is kinda buggy at times, so I’d get the Band or Echo Auto.

There’s always the Amazon Auto product if you need something like an echo in the car.

Have the watch connect and use phone gps for runs. This will allow accurate distance and pace.

Have the screen stay on or lit while exercising.

Love that comment about the watch faces…TERRIBLE! Messages are truncated…connectivity is only within a very small distance from the phone. Without better software this watch’s advantage over the band is simply the bigger screen. I would suggest stop developing new products every other day and work on improving the existing products. I believe the watch is a step back from the band.

As a Wyze Watch user, I would like to view a list of upcoming events with their associated metadata (including, but not limited to, time of event, title, and truncated description) from a chosen calendar app, so I can know what to expect for the day without pulling my phone out of my pocket.


Integrating ability to see and control all other wyze products the user might have would help the wyze ecosystem for the customers who have many products. Also, it would be a free advertisement for wyze…

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I think it’s awesome for $20. Tells the time and date very accurately and in colorful way…

It’s just mind boggling at how gullible people are.

Society has been so dumbed down, and now when a company claims features on a product, and offers said product at a low price, it’s OK for those advertising claims/features to be lies/substandard… because “your expectations shouldn’t be high because of the low price”… What a crock!
That is nothing more than the attitude of an Enabler. And it’s all of you who say/do that very thing, that allows Wyze, or any other company to get away with making claims about their products, that are not true, and that they never intend to make true.

It also shows how freaking lazy people are… when you send in a support request, and because the initial response doesn’t fully solve your issue, you give up. Telling yourself “it’s not worth it”. Do you not think/understand that is exactly what they want you to do?

As for me, I have another support request in, telling Wyze to just send me a return label, so I can return the second watch for a refund. I simply refuse to allow a company to make product claims that they do not deliver on, or make a valid effort/attempt to make right. As I’ve said before, I do not care if an item cost $1 or $10000, if it doesn’t live up to the company’s claims, then I will either demand that it does, or the product will be returned for a refund,

At first I thought it would be good to support a startup, U.S. based business, and I’ve given opportunity after opportunity for Wyze to do the right thing… but it turns out that Wyze is no better then any Chinese/import company… rolling out one substandard product after another, that time and again do not live up to the claims they make. I’ve returned the watch for a refund.


Ed, you must be a sheer joy to be with! :upside_down_face:

Have a good (or better) day!


Wish upon a star…Wyze watch 47 with added gps capabilities for golf app with yardage, hazards, course info, etc as well as simple stroke counter per hole and score card for the round. Just a simple setup with downloadable course data and basic visual with hazard overlay. Could be a simple line drawing and show yardage or more detailed since the Wyze 47 screen is so big! Please and thank yous!

PLEASE SEARCH #wishlist and #roadmap and read the How to Use the Wishlist BEFORE POSTING. If your submission is approved, don’t forget to VOTE for it.

You forgot to add clear directions to the 19th hole! :upside_down_face:

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A simple calendar app would be great. I just want to see what’s on my agenda for the day. I’d also love to be able to see my next appointment right on the watch face.

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I agree. Why would somebody want to allow their door to be unlocked from a watch. If somebody steals your watch then they can unlock your door.

I don’t know any smart devices that can unlock a door. They allow them to lock but not unlock

Next item on the calendar idea seconded!

That’s the one feature that I still miss and used frequently on my Pebble Time!

I totally agree with you @EdCaffreyMS

I bought wyze products from the beginning and had no problems with their cameras.

I since bought the robot vaccum cleaner: complete garbage. Doesn’t work as advertised, you have to reset the map every other day, etc… No answer from Wyze, other than do a factory reset.

I bought the Wyze color bulb: doesn’t work with Alexa, can’t even find the bulb with it. No answer from their support either, and they keep asking me sending the Mac address of my cameras to fix the bulbs :thinking:

The price is irrelevant to the fact that the basic functionalities of the product doesn’t work as advertised. If it doesn’t work, don’t sell it.

So yes, Wyze needs to be exposed for their practice: they launch a lots of products and they are not tested: it’s pretty obvious.