Wyze Watch 47 - Notifications

If you have your messaging app open and have someone send you a text does it appear on your watch then?

Just tried this as well and a no go. I appreciate your suggestions as a few of them I have not tried. Trying this from all angles to be able to provide feedback to Wyze if I can find some way that it works. Sending them back my original purchased watch today but will still have the replacement they sent me. This seems to be a firmware issue.

Sir you need to find somebody else with an iPhone 12 with the same message that working. see if they have it working. it’s not it’s not the watch it’s the phone not compatible with the watch / app

Apple has great difficulty making their watch with their phone and they’re both built by the same people

Did you try this from above?


I have a co-worker that has the watch and an apple product that it is working. We plan to test the watch on his phone next week and review all of my settings to see if I am missing something.

Is it the iPhone 12 ?
I’ve been a IT consultant for over 30 years nothing has caused me more grief than the iPhone.

The basic AppleCare response is always you’re holding the phone wrong it was never anything with the IPhone…other than the real answer, our last update broke something …we will fix it when we get around to it.

Apple makes major changes in the OS without consulting the third party developers who are creating apps that are supposed to work with their phones / iPads / etc… Not really a way to do business in my humble opinion

It is an iPhone 12 as well. I’m in the electronics field as well so I would like to figure this out to let them know. I want to support them as much as I can.

Finally got this figured out. It was an Apple problem. Had to go to settings,general,reset, reset all settings and it now works!