Wyze Watch 44 first impressions

This 100%

In general, I’d say on the surface the watch is about what I expected and wanted - a minimal device that can show me notifications without looking at my phone. Fewer features means better battery life and that it does quite well so far. The firmware definitely needs polish. Even with the latest update, I’m still getting multiple reboots daily. I’m guessing it’s something locking up until the watchdog timer forces a reboot(?). I’ve had a few instances where I couldn’t wake it up and resorted to holding the power button down for random lengths of time until I got it to reboot.

Hopefully they can smooth things out, the majority of the promised functionality is there - just a little rough around the edges. Other than the reboots/lockups, only real bug I’ve observed is on a day when I left my watch at home, somehow I have heartbeat data… not sure what’s up with that. I haven’t replicated it as I’m usually wearing it, but that left me a bit perplexed and suspicious of that sensor’s data in general.

Biggest feature requests for me (after the thing is stable) would be:

  • a couple more options for stylized digital clock faces with date - specifically where the date/time is more prominent than any background image/pattern. Maybe just an analog clock that has the digital time with the date on the face.
  • Second would be basic phone audio control (pause/play) which seems like something the app could broker. Maybe those could be options for the existing “shortcuts” at a bare minimum
  • Enabling/disabling/reordering the ‘apps’, or having a quick-access to the ‘left’ of the clock face would be nice - but I basically don’t use any of them anyway

My impressions…

I’m not able to adjust my sleep, like if I sit still too long my watch thinks I’m sleeping, or if I wake up and play on my phone it still thinks I’m sleeping. I want the ability to adjust if needed, so it’s not reporting inaccurate sleep info. Please fix this!

Cycle tracking is on the watch only, I would like the availability to view & make adjustments within the app. Please fix this!

Can we talk screen size, I know I got the 44, my hubby has the 47 & his viewing screen is SO MUCH LARGER than my viewing area on the 44. In future versions of this watch, please fix this!

More availability to choose which apps to get notifications from. Like some chat apps aren’t even listed as an option except as ‘other apps’, with my Apple Watch I was able to pick and choose which apps I wanted notifications from. Like I want notifications from my Hangouts app but not necessarily Pinterest, I’m stuck getting those to ensure I get my Hangouts notifications. Please fix this!

I would love to use my watch as a flashlight like I’m able to with Apple Watch. It’s great if you have to do a middle of the night shuffle to the potty and just need enough light to guide you so you don’t trip on animals or kids toys. I loved loved loved that feature with my Apple watch & wished this watch did it as well. For those that don’t know the Apple Watch would just light up with a white screen, you could set the intensity of the light. Please add this feature!

Weather on the watch face. I would love to be able to see the temp without having to go several screens deep on the watch just to see the outdoor temp. Please fix this!

It would be nice if when I turned on Do not disturb on my phone that it would mirror over to the watch, but NO it doesn’t do that. I have to manually turn it on. Please fix this!

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