Wyze v3


Hoping we get a new V3 soon !!!

The V2 came out so fast after the V1 I would almost expect a V3 any day now, wink wink.

First and foremost I’d kill for a quality 4K sensor. I’ve got a few Nest Cam IQ in use along with half dozen Wyze V1, V2 and Pan models inside and out.

If we could get something close enough to a Nest Cam IQ i’d Sell all my Nest and replace all my current Wyze V1 & V2 with V3 as well and even add several more Wyze to top it off


4K V3 WyzeCam PLEASE !!!


I have added your request to Wyze’s feature request tracker. However, I can tell you that there are no current plans for a 4K camera.


Obviously there’s complexities. I would think though that whatever Wyze could bring to market for $50-100 would be yet another market changer. I would think a $100 Wyze Cam would be like a $300-500 Cam from the big boys.

The standard v1 and subsequently V2 proved that much could be done entry level price without much sacrifice to features or quality. The Pan took us to a different segment in the market and proved the same thing.

Other than refinement and new features for the V2 and Pan model the next product needs to be a game changer in another segment. This could be. Doorbell Cam, perhaps official outdoor. But I for one think that a higher spec model with more resolution, better IR, perhaps optical zoom along with Pan / Tilt could add more range to the product line whi2le still following the current plan for more depth in existing segments.

Just my thought. I’d rather support Wyze with all my budget than commingle manufcters with different brands / systems.

Wyze have proven themselves time and again. Keep it up.



An Outdoor camera over a 4K model, would be my vote.


I vote for outdoor cam also!


I would like a 4k outdoor camera. You already have the Nest design to demonstrate how to do this with reasonable wifi utilization.

I would like to see a 8k (at least 4k)model with POE and appropriate 3rd party software that fits a common outdoor fixture (with fan and heater). Some vendors sell these but want 2 or 3K. I would buy several if you could do one in the $500 range. I suspect you would quickly own the small business market.


I use my pan cam outside under awning where it is dry. it has been setup there since I got it. I think the next ver. should be ipx65 that would be great feature think of the possibilities that would open also local loop recording only feature would be great for areas with no wifi like job trailers and sheds


Another thought for WyzeCam v3 would be to add a bright LED light that (optionally) activates during motion triggers when IR is active.


As as many know the clarity of night video with IR is a fraction of that during daylight hours. Having the ability to capture night triggers with white light would boot better visibility and identification. Likewise it also acts a security light warning those that activation it.

Ring offers several versions and the clarity is night and day, pun intended. The additional development, manufacturing, and app changes would be minimal and with other Wyze cams provide a much better cost while still offering most of the performance of ridiculously higher provides.

Ill say it again. I’d wanted security cameras for a decade but the cost (largest factory), complexity, changing market, and poor customer service kept me away until Wyze came along. Now I own over a half dozen and always look forward to replacing with a revised or different model. Wyze make security cameras a commodity for me.


Currently, I cannot see the image clearly as I zoom in because the camera uses digital zoom instead of analog zoom. I wish I can zoom in and see the image clearly. I tried to zoom onto a guy’s face but it was so blurry that I could not identify who he is. The whole purpose of this camera is to identify whatever or whoever comes nearby my property, but I could not even identify the face. I wish the camera has the capability to capture and live stream with better picture quality that I can zoom into a person’s face in for security purpose. I wish there is any future camera that can help me out on this! Thanks in advance.