Wyze outdoor solar/battery lights

Sort of like what Ring just released but with the wyze treatment. Floodlights, spotlights, path lights and step lights. I have a feeling wyze could do better than Ring at a cheaper price.

I totally agree with you!! Hopefully Wyze will consider this!!

Can Wyze make a security solar or battery motion sensor light? I would love to see this made.

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If they can do them with colored lights even if they were wired like Philips Hue outdoor lighting options we would buy!

I’ve been wanting wireless battery-powered (not solar) path lights for a long time. Although Ring is doing this, I’d much rather have them integrated with the rest of my Wyze system.

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We have all seen when we try to use the indoor cameras IR emitters to light up stuff outside as we film through our windows. A simple solution would be to put an IR emitter outside pointed at critical areas. I have great solar powered lights that emit regular light but if I had the ability to buy IR emitters that did the same thing while being charge every day, I would buy a number of them. Would be really cool if it could be dual light source so like from dusk till, say 11pm, it emits visible light but after that, it emits IR. Making it solar powered would make it very easy to install and simple to operate.

I love Wyze! And I have been recently searching for some good outdoor, not so expensive, multicolor, adjustable, time scheduled, and maybe solar charged lighting. That’s definitely something I would like to see from this great company.

Now that Wyze is venturing in designing revolutionary products outside of the security product line, can you please spend some R&D time in coming up with outdoor solar lights etc ? For instance the deck /fence post solar lights and other outdoor solar lights like step lights need a stable and durable product. That line of products on the internet are filled with junk manufacturers that can’t produce a quality long lasting product. Just a thought !


I agree with adwise. I am located in S Fl, Sunlight is no problem. However, with the Outdoor cams, when the battery runs out, or low, I have to get a ladder and remove the camera for charging. It would be nice if Wyze could develop a solar panel for this ( or any ) camera.

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I would love to see a step light that works Wyze app!! Features through the app would be on/off manually, with a schedule, brightness, motion sensing alert, motion sensing on/off. This would be a great addition to the Wyze ecosystem. I know other brands are putting them out there in the market, but I have hopes for Wyze before I am forced to invest in another company. Please do it!!!