Wyze headphones won't power off

I was one of the original pre-orders for these headphones and after two years of using them almost daily this finally happened to me. I keep them in the glove box of my truck for when I take the dog to the park and occasionally plug them into my car charger while I’m on my way to keep them topped up, but this last time I did that they got stuck “on” and no amount of button pressing, holding, plugging or unplugging has done anything. I tried to reach out to Wyze but they’re clearly out of warranty

Wanted to share that I was able to fix this problem. I let the headphones sit on my desk until the battery died and then held the power button / anc button while plugging them back in for about 10 seconds. When I unplugged them and tried to turn them back on I got the “power on”, “connected” and “low battery” messages and everything was good again. Lets hope that continues through another full charge.

I will say, the USB cable and adapter that I plugged my headphones into in my truck was one of the OnePlus fast chargers that is rating for a much higher wattage. Maybe they got overloaded somehow? Not sure, but be careful what you plug them into just in case.

EDIT: After another full charge on a normal 5V charger it’s back to being stuck with the power on and not responding again.