Wyze Garage Door Controller - First Impression

Those are screen shots of the Alexa app, when going into the settings of the Wyze Garage Door controller in the Alexa App.
*Note you need to have the Wyze Skill enabled in your Alexa app to link Alexa to your Wyze devices

lol…ok…I’m tired and slow right not, but hot hallucinating at least :smile: . Yes – the Google Home app is a somewhat similar design, but when I get to the Wyze GDC, there’s no options like that for this type of device:

Yea, I poked around a lot on Google Home once the Alexa bug workaround was brought to attention.

What I believe (based on using Google Home with a former brand of smart garage door controller) is that Google Home looks for a PIN from the native app (In this case the Wyze App) which today there is no option to add a PIN in the Wyze app at this time.

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Plausible…Google Home and Assistant are quite capable, but only to the point where the app exposes the needed integrations (and in this case as you note, a PIN). Funny, I can ask Home to “show me garage door one” and it will stream the camera to the nearest Nest Hub, but that’s about the extent of Wyze GDC / Google integration to date. Baffling.

We already finished the development of the Google Assistant PIN code setting in the Wyze app but we haven’t published it since we are working on a bug fix for the Google Assistant feature.
Basically, once the feature is ready, we will make the PIN code setting visible in the Wyze app so you can set up it.


Excellent! Thank you for updating those following the thread, Much appreciated.


Thank you WyzeHongfei - good to know that you and your colleagues follow these discussions, and very nice to learn that we may see this feature soon. I’m looking forward to trying this out.


@WyzeHongfei is pretty studious about following discussions related to their projects, but I would not jump to all Wyze employees are so inclined. We can help here if needed. This is primarily a user-to-user forum.

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Point taken. Thx.

Appreciate the information on this. It is valuable to know where things are at or what has been determined when possible.

Keep up the great work.

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So I have to ask, based on the longevity and breadth of this topic, did Wyze bork this product? Opinions?

  • I think it’s INCREDIBLY ridiculous that this was rolled out without support or adds for multiple doors. “Just buy another one” > So I have a camera in my garage, now I need 3 of them to view the whole garage and to operate my doors? That passes NO common sense test. Also, they have to be our latest product, no reusing the old stuff! NO thanks. the controllers are still sitting in their boxes. They will do a v2 that corrects all this crap but you’ll need to replace everything :slight_smile:
  • Released without ANY IFTTT support - that should tell you something about Wyze’s integration strategy.
  • Anyone really HAPPY with this product in toto?

I was originally unhappy for a totally different reason: I read about the product offering, got online and ordered two of these, and THEN read about the need for the QR code on the inside of my garage doors. I wasn’t happy about that and tried to cancel my order just minutes after placing it, and found that impossible to do. I spent a lot of time online and with telephone support, the ultimate answer being that I’d have to wait for delivery and could then return the products. I was NOT happy about the e-commerce experience and seemingly helpless customer support. But…when the products arrived, I figured I’d take a chance before returning them, and I was very pleasantly surprised.

I was miffed at first that Google integration was virtually non-existent. Google Home is somewhat aware of the devices but can’t operate the garage controllers (yet). I also can’t see the cameras on my phone…but I was pleased to find that I could ask Google Assistant to show me the cameras on my Nest Hubs.

I was also disappointed to learn that we can’t yet use Google Assistant to open and close garage doors, but we’ve heard (here in this forum) that this feature is in test as I type this, and should be released as the team confirms that any remaining bugs are fixed.

So - yes - smart home integration is spartan at best right now. That said, the price seems quite competitive if you keep in mind that you’re getting a security camera on each door as well as a garage door controller. Adding some local storage (I put in a 256GB card in each) means that you can store a load of full days of coverage and even more if you just record events. The system can distinguish people, cars, change in lighting, noise / sound events, etc. This is SO much more than something like Chamberlain myQ does. myQ, Nexx, Garadget, etc. are inexpensive and mature - but you have to install sensors with those (not terrible, but still more finicky than the QR code), and you don’t get cameras with security monitoring. If I were to have gotten myQ or one of the others I’d be setting up a Wyze Cam v3 anyway. This way, I get the best of both worlds, and garage door opener events are matched with camera events.

I’d like better integration with Google Assistant - but I believe that’s coming soon. I’d like IFTTT integration, but don’t find that to be a showstopper. Once Assistant is able to open/close the door, I should be able to set up basic routines of interest using Google routines, and more complex workflow with Actions on Google.

All in all, despite the somewhat rough rollout, I’m finding that cameras, door controllers, alerts all work very well. I love not only knowing the state of the door, e.g., open vs closed, but being able to see the inside of the door and garage in real time - having a live microphone and speaker, and being able to hear what’s going on.

A point of interest: since my images are staying local on the microSD card I put in each camera, retrieval is incredibly fast. With my Nest doorbell cam, seeing an image requires it to be streamed to the cloud and then back down to my phone - and there’s noticeable lag. With Wyze’s local storage, it takes 2 to 3 seconds before I see an image since it only has to traverse Wi-Fi – and that’s fantastic.

Re: having to buy two separate units for two garage doors – I guess I could have saved a little more money if one unit managed two doors. But then the camera view is pretty bad if you wanted to span two doors, and frankly the QR code logic would be tougher and more problem prone if you tried to cover two doors with one camera. I guess if they came out with a 2nd generation controller that could support two different cameras that could work. I’m just not that sure that it’s a crucial feature. The fact that there are now two complete setups in my garage mean that if one fails the second will continue working. I see that as another bonus more than a detriment.

Again - a bit rough around the edges with the launch. But I’m pleased with the overall functionality and these work really well. At this point I don’t know of another brand that I’d favor over the functionality and smooth operation I get from a pair of these in my garage.

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Sure, I’m happy with mine.
Rather than whine about my 3 garage doors, I could just buy 3 of these for less than the cost of 1 Liftmaster bridge, which doesn’t work as reliably.

I really don’t care about home integration for my doors, I don’t want Google or Alexa opening any doors leading to my home without my involvement, and I have the use of all my fingers, so that’s good enough for me. All I automate is a daily “close” command in case I managed to forget to close the garage. My car or my phone can open it remotely.

You’re not happy, and I’m fine with that. I’d rather they keep the price low and the functionality reliable, and don’t worry about adding features that plenty of people don’t want, and don’t want to pay for. IFTTT is the epitome of poor reliability. I’d rather they put IFTTT on the blacklist.

Buy an Apple HomeKit, maybe you’d be happier with that.

I’m mostly-happy with mine, all I really wanted was a remote open/close button and a camera somewhere nearby. I actively don’t-want Google or Alexa anywhere in the process.

Initial setup and sharing was a bit cumbersome and every now and then it ‘loses calibration’, but it does what it says on the tin.

The most annoying part is the Wyze app is flaky and sometimes takes too long and too many tries to get the page up when I’m right there and just want the danged button and don’t want to faff around syncing with the camera image.

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Try some removable double-sided “nano tape” to hold the camera in position – that eliminated my calibration problem.

To be inexpensive, the GDC assembly is not stand-alone; it is a serial cable accessory to a V3. V2s do not have the ability to run accessory products. Also on the “keep it inexpensive” side is they use a simple QR code sticker to determine door position. So the V3 must have a good view of that door’s QR code.

To make it a stand-alone multi-door product would have taken a lot more development and more expensive hardware. Most people only have 1 door, so this works great for them, and they don’t have to pay for a lot of extra bells and whistles they can’t use. :slight_smile:


i purchased the garage door controller, but my opener is not compatible, (its LiftMaster) so there’s no way to make it work??!!

Have you checked the online compatibility checker before purchasing? According to the checker, the yellow learn button models are not compatible.


No i didn’t, after i purchased i did, and yes its Yellow learn what i have, i hope if wyze can do something for that, i don’t wont to return the controller, i wish if they can find a solution for the yellow models. iam using wyze product in my house.

At the root of it, the Wyze controller acts like a basic pushbutton (IDK if normally closed or open), so you could disassemble a factory opener and wire the Wyze in place of its button, but that will be completely unsupported and it will take a bit of electronics hacking and soldering work to pull off.

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