Wyze DashCam

I’d devote as much as needed. Esp if getting paid lol. Sim wouldn’t be a must just optional making it more attractive to budget wise folks. I have in car wifi so sim wouldn’t really be necessary in my case. But awesome to include. I also will not stick anythingvto my windshield I’m overly ocd bout clean glass and no wires , maybe even put a temp sensor on it. Measuring the exterior temp but importantly the inside when u have a pet in the car while in store to assure ac is functioning properly, including a windshield hanger stating “I’m a wyze pet mom/dad” “don’t bust the windows you’ll let my cool air out” practical as F.

Blink mini has a rechargeable battery.

When you said 360 did you mean the OEM feature used for parking and trailer hitching? With that and in-car Wi-Fi you just have to figure out how to get these to work double duty as security.

Another request for a 24hr dash cam just like how your new outdoor cam works. We can plug it into car every time it needs to be charge and work on sound and motion detection when car is off. Battery life like your new outdoor cam.

If car is near home it can jump on wifi, optional LTE or video clips will be uploaded from camera storage when it jumps on wifi to phone app.

The industry definitely needs a car security cam for 24 hr recording without draining car battery.

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A dash cam would be great, something for the car in or out side


I would definitely be in line for these… I know there is a big push in the Uber/Lyft community right now for dash cams. You may even be able to get partnered with them (as long as they don’t mark them up too much. :slight_smile:

It occurred to me the other day I’d love a Wyze dashcam that connected to my wifi when I’m home to review recordings. I suppose I could use a regular Wyze camera, but the form factor is weird for a dashcam. Anyway, I’d love one. Anyone else?

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Yes! I have wanted a Wyze dashcam since I bought my first Wyze cam last year. If were about the same size as a Good To Go pass, removable for charging (like the Outdoor cam), and small enough to velcro to the front and back windshields…ideal!

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this is a no. They need to take care of these false notifications before adding a dash cam that a driver will rely on.

Yes, this would be great to have!

Maybe even have a pass through car lighter power supply that allows for multiple devices to be connected.