Wyze cam what is it good for?

I get camera notifications of a motion within seconds. If I go to see pic. It takes a few more seconds for that to load. But I know of the movement fast. I do have to wait a slight bit for the pic to load.

Oh Interesting. Last time I really used the on camera detection was back in May and I recall there was some delay. My internet has decently fast download but the upload is pretty bleh. 120mbps download and 15 Mbps upload on 5ghz and 30 Mbps download/7 Mbps upload on the 2.4 GHz (which is what Wyze cam is using) . That may be adding some to the delay issue of the OP.

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I’m at 53.95Mbps down and 5.64Mbps up. Big difference.

I wouldn’t know what to do with 120 down. Lol. That’s fast. 50 is very good for where I live. Out in country in southern iowa.

My notifications are a roll of the dice. Some days…the camera notifies as soon as there is motion. Some days…I get a notification 10 minutes later…one day it was 12 hours later.

Thank you kcmeacham3,
Sadly seems to be my situation as well.

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Hello Kjay,
Thank you for the info. I do not have motion sensors, just the cams. Debating on putting the rest up or returning these and going with another company. How is the lock working for you, it is an item I have been looking at and waiting for it’s release. Although fairly concerned with performance at this time.
I may look at loading blue stacks on a spare machine and see if I can get a constant stream that way to help with this delay.

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From the furthest spot in my house from the router/modem my speeds just now are

[Speed Test]()

So I don’t believe it is my connection speeds.

Yeah I would not think it’s your speed. That’s very impressive especially that your upload is faster than your download.

Seems like a setting or something not firing correctly. Most experience very fast notifications, mine are extremely quick…

One thing to try is make sure battery optimization for the wyze app is off if your using android but I think that would only help if your delay was crazy long like over a few minutes.

It may be worthwile to pick up a sense package to see if the motion sensor + Camera works for you. It should improve the notification speed but won’t necessarily let you view the cloud clip faster. The sense package + cam should still be much cheaper than the next decent alternative. If your still not satisfied I suppose you could return everything? If you do keep the camera I would recommend the external motion sensor regardless if it helps with the notification speed or not if you are not planning on subscribing to the continuous motion capture. The motion sensor can eliminate a lot of false positives and will decrease the minimum time between cloud events/notifications to ~40 sec down from 5 min. The camera by itself has a 5 minute cool down period after an event/notification is generated.

The lock is working well for me now. When I first got it push notifications were not working but now everything is working as advertised. I have auto lock off until the keypad is released but it worked fine when I tested it. I have auto unlock turned off since I don’t enter through that door very often. I tested auto unlock for a week and didn’t have any issues. I would arrive home in my garage and the door with the lock (front door not attached to garage) would auto unlock. When my garage door closed a contact sensor would send a command to lock the front door. I read some other users have various issues with the lock but it’s hard to tell if it’s widespread. They sold like 2000 units for early access and normally the people with problems are much more vocal than the ones with no issues. If your unsure about your wyze cams I would wait on the lock until it has been released to the public for a few months to get a better idea how others feel about it. A big thing for me was that it works in the same app as my cams. If they didn’t sell a smart lock I probably wouldn’t have bought a smart lock at all. It’s really just more of a in “case s***” happens kind of thing. Actually in my case most of my security stuff is just that. I have dash cams, Wyze cams, smart lock etc… I have yet to record anything interesting :man_shrugging:. Never been broken into, never had anyone locked out, never recorded any car accidents.

Also nice connection speed, those are some fat pipes :+1:.

Edit: @Ekko seems like I replied to my own comment oops.

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The notification seems to come in a lot faster on my wife’s iPhone 10 than my Pixel 3XL on the same WiFi network. I did turn off battery optimization on the Wyze app on my Pixel and I think it came in faster. By faster, I mean it still has a 10 seconds to 60 seconds lag.

Your experience is typical of mine. Sometimes I will get them quickly, but more often than not that isn’t the case. I’ve even disabled battery optimization on my Android phone so that the app is guaranteed to run in the background. It may be worth noting that when I first received my first cam (about 3 months ago) I usually received notifications quickly.

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Battery optimization usually keeps apps from running in the background. I’d think having it off would be better.


Same for me. I have 7 camera and sometine its after 2 seconde. Sometime its when I open the app 2 week later…

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Same here.

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I have three cams. (Battery optimization off). Looking at a cam live I get 1-2 second delay. Motion detection feeds take about 3 minutes. Was too long to prevent a package thief. I’ll probably just get cams from another company for areas that need quick notify.

If you’re leaving, it sounds like your phone is transitioning from WIFI to cellular. Best bet would be to turn off WiFi a few minutes before you leave and try the test again. I get the notification my wyze cam, motion sensor, AND door sensor almost immediately, but at that point I’m still in range of WiFi. Try trouble shooting before you just jump on Wyze.

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I agree my notifications come almost instantly. A room will clear and I monitor it sometimes just a check, and 1 to 3 seconds later I get a notification

in ham radio they use teamspeak to listen on the web. If I list to the repeater direct and listen to TeamSpeak at the same time. It is 1 or 2 or 3 sec delay in talking. I have done it to local tv and on line it the same thing.

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