Wyze Cam Outdoor, Base Station, v2, Pan, Video Doorbell, Bulb White Firmware Released! 12/20/21

Sure, here is the steps I was asked to try:

I have here a few steps that I would like you to try and see if it helps:

We’d like you to check that the firmware and app are both up-to-date:

How to Find Current Firmware Version and Update

Update the Wyze app to the latest version

Log out and log back in from your Wyze app.

Make sure Cam Plus is assigned to the camera by tapping Account > Services > Make sure your camera is listed and assigned properly.

Go to your camera’s Livestream > tap the gear icon on the top-right part > tap Events Recording > toggle ON “Detects Motion” > tap Cam Plus AI Detection > Make sure that the AI Person Detections is toggled ON.

Go back to Livestream > gear icon > Notifications > Make sure “notifications”, “Wyze AI Events”, and “All other motions” are toggled ON.

At the below part of your Wyze app, tap Account > Notifications > Push Notifications > Toggle ON.

Merry Christmas to you too!

P.S. I did toggle everything off and on where I could.

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I thought those steps might clear up my problem, but did not.
I have one Pan1 camera that shows “This Device is Offline” on the main Cameras screen.
Everything works great, it just shows “This Device is offline”.
Cam+ works, AI events (vehicle and motion), live view works, and replay off the SD card.
It has been this way for several days now, I thought this might coax it back “online”.
I have already done a soft restart from the App, and a pull the power plug.
Your steps may help the next person get theirs going though, so thanks for sharing!

I have a Pan Cam that updated to It exhibited the offline symptoms. No manner of unplugging and plugging it back in would get it working although it did appear to go through its initialization ok and there was no light that stayed on or blinking after it finished. I went ahead and downgraded my firmware back to based on instructions I found in another thread and my Pan Cam is back up and running which is a relief.

2.27 app is a disaster
Have 1/4 sound volume
no motion/person detection
also found app function power iff under “more” failed operation.

I have the original 4 pack of Wyze Bulbs. I recently purchased two 2-packs of the recent Wyze Bulb White (V2). I discovered that the Wyze Bulb White (V2) do not fade on/off or fade to specified power levels. They simply jar on/off or jump from say 10% to 100%, no fade. It is extremely irritating that I have 4 original bulbs that have a nice fade on/off or to different power levels and 4 that jar on/off and skip straight to different power levels. Please update the Wyze Bulb White (V2) to fade on/off and to various power levels like the original Wyze Bulbs. It makes zero sense why they don’t match and why this was overlooked.

If I was you I would buy V1 and say too hell with it

If you read my post you’d see I already bought 4 Wyze Bulb White (V2’s). Your reply is not helpful. Especially for an issue that needs to be addressed and fixed, not just glossed over by ignoring it and buying more V1’s. It’s comments like that why things like this are not fixed.

Then I would suggest you open a customer service request at wyze,and or if you don’t like the V2 blubs then return them and get the original ones…

I haven’t seen the original V1 white bulbs is quite a long time. :bulb:

I suspect there are none to be had.

There on Amazon and ebay