Wyze Bulb on 220V

I live in a country where the electricity standard voltage is 220V and 50hz frequency.
This might be a stupid question, but is there any chance the wyze bulb can work?

Thank you in advance,

Not a stupid question at all. Yes, the Wyze bulb will work with 220v.


you just made my day, thank you so much!
I thought it would blow up when I screw it in! :smile:


You are welcome. Glad to help. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I use it from 240V 50Hz mains a since a month.
It works seamlessly.
I would need a countdown clock to be sure to turn off after a time x.
If I forget the door open then don’t light all day.

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You can also do that if you get the bulb wet before you screw it in, but that might hurt…