View On PC/Browser (Windows / Mac / Chromebook)

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RTSP would solve this issue, right?


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I wish i could pull my camera feed up on my computer linux (personaly). And send the live feed straight into my own archived database server.

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Yeah, Bluestacks had been working for a while (but definitely not ideal); however, my computer has been locking up bad because of it. Wyze, please make a native solution a priority.


I’m using Blue stacks. Works fine!

is rtsp reliable for anyone?

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Guys & Gals at Wyze,
We use the Wyze Cam as a baby monitor. Our baby’s room is in the 1st floor, and when we come downstairs and he is asleep, we need to turn notifications on, because we want to use our respective phones, so we can’t have a device exclusively to be watching him, Now if he starts crying and one of us (or both) go upstairs and check him out, the phone keeps receiving notifications because of course when he cried our priority was to go there and not turn off notifications. This is annoying as hell!
We could use one of our macs to serve as a monitoring screen and that would make all the difference in the world.
So please, can you give a bit more priority for a macOS Wyze app?

I thought, this feature was integrated already. But after buying my first Wyze cam Pan and after setup, I feel hopeless.

The online viewing is must for me, As I always work on Computer and I want to see a live feed, who is on my front gate.


Fwiw, they don’t mention PC/Mac viewing capability. But I agree, it’s a big deal and getting it to work on a PC is not for the tech adverse or for those who don’t want to give up the mainstream firmware.

Monitoring on a PC would be wonderful!

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Just down load Blue Stacks. Wyze will work with it on your desktop.

It did for me for a few months, then crashing my system. Plus, can only see 3 cams at once.

There are reasons why people don’t want to or can’t use an emulator.
Work computers where you can’t install external software for example.

Look through the thread. Someone suggests Blue Stacks about once a month.

My job expected me to work, so I just used my personal laptop or phone. :grinning:

No need to make it https or whatever, make a chrome application/extension and port the current android application to it.

Also posts about crashing machines with blue stacks or other glitches. Not to say it isn’t some other conflict on a particular machine causing the crash, but it’s a workaround that may or may not work in certain cases and not as simple as using a browser especially for a work computer or those less tech inclined who want a simple solution such as logging into a webpage.

Is there any way to monitor your Wyze cams via PC running Windows 10?

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There is a chrome extension called ARC Welder you can use but I fount it not much better than BlueStacks

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