Video Doorbell

That feature is not available

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It is not hard to install one if you need one to install. all houses should have one installed. Do you rent? Have the landlord install one at your residence. You would be surprised sometimes one is already wired but painted over. check your closet for a weird looking box sticking out of the wall up top.


I own the home. The box and wire for the electricity was taken out. I have to put in a new one. I don’t know how to do that

Is there any way to run doorbell wire back to the original doorbell location outside? If you can, then all you need is the wire and a new transformer.

We can get into details to help, if we know where the wires ran into the house: to the basement, a closet, the hallway or the attic?

Basically, you just need to mount the transformer, get power to it and connect the doorbell wires. There are even plugin transformers that can just be plugged directly into an outlet.

Hope this helps. Most of us are happy to provide tips or answer questions.

It doesn’t even have to be to the old doorbell location. If he can get doorbell wire to the closest power outlet he can use a plugin transformer.

Thank you for the help! I’m going to see if I can make it work. To get one installed. I’ll provide an update

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Or, you know, if the previous wiring is truly gone, he or she may be better off with a simple wireless doorbell (smart or otherwise).