Top ten annoyances with WYZE

They do make an LED floodlight attachment, but I have no idea how well it works.

My main irritant with the Wyze Cam (v3, at least) is the 30 second delay, the video having to make it to the cloud and back to my computer/phone. :frowning:

That’s not what happens. Live video is direct from camera to phone.

Scratching my head at some of these. Want to roll a Benz but pay for a Kia. Heh.

I have a couple minor items…

  1. Maybe think about the icon/logo that’s displayed for notifications. The full word “Wyze” is pretty faint on the notification bar, at least on Android. Maybe a stylized “W” in a circle or something with a bit more visual weight?

  2. The USB power plug is horizontal. It might be a little better in some cases to have a plug with the USB port vertical so as to lay flat against a wall rather than stick out. I do recognize though that this likely represents added cost overhead. As well, it certainly won’t please everyone as it presents problems for folks using plug strips. So I’m perfectly will to shrug this one off and buy my own USB plug.

Keep up the good work guys. Great products.

Wow those are about as minor as it gets. :wink:

Indeed. I’m not trying to change their business model or anything. I especially don’t want the retail price to creep up via the addition of a bunch of whizzbang features only a small fraction of technical users will use. Frankly if I want those technical features (sometimes I do), they already exist in other higher-priced products. I come to the Wyze ecosystem for a reasonably well executed straight-forward product at a very good price point. I want that price point to stay low.

Provided both are on the same network.

Nope, always, with some exceptions (Amazon Echo). Even when you’re a continent away from your camera, the live video stream is routed straight to your phone without any relay through Wyze cloud servers.

  1. Can’t log into the forums through a mobile device.
  2. Outdoor cam is only available in a starter pack with a base station I don’t need because I already have one.
  3. Online shop cancels my order without notification.
  4. Installation instructions never say to turn off mobile data to pair phone to device even though that is ALWAYS necessary.
  5. Device index list often shows incorrect on/off status, especially right after toggling.
  6. Limited ways to split rooms with the robot vacuum floor map precludes the ability to dispatch the vacuum to a particular area.

I couldn’t come up with another four but give it time.

Hey cousin. :wink:

Wyze Customer Service from the threads on this form :lying_face:… Quality engineering :lying_face: and Not Publicly providing resolutions on Robo Vac ( more people are responding to staining issues), 42mm watch, etc…the list is long But not distinguished. Speak up and Say something!!!

@DisappointedCustomer in response to your list.

  1. I am sending this through my phone. Granted, I don’t normally do so, but if you see this, obviously it is possible to log into the forum from a phone.
  2. No comment (see below)
  3. Never had that happen, but I have seen other reports of that here on the forum.
  4. I have NEVER needed to turn off cellular data to pair any Wyze device. I have over 40 devices.
  5. I don’t understand what you mean.
    Can’t comment on 2 or 6 as I don’t have those devices.

Had to add the #2 line because the forum software “fixed” what it assumed was an error leaving out item 2. Damn auto-mangle…

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I can log in on my phone’s mobile browser, it’s where I’m typing this from.

The outdoor cam is available for purchase without the base station when they have them in stock. I’ve purchased 2 outdoor cams from wyze separately from the base station (so I have a total of 3 cams and 1 base). You can also still purchase single outdoor cams at home depot or Amazon if you cant wait for Wyze to get them restocked.

I only have to turn off mobile data to connect my outdoor cam and/or base to travel mode. Outside that, I don’t have to mess with my data to set up other devices.

I’ve not noticed any issue in the device index concerning status. I’ll keep my eye out for that.

May I ask what phone you are using? I’m using a Google Pixel with the Chrome browser.

My complaints with wyze:

  1. No contact or motion sensors without the home hub thing. My v1 sensors work, but if/when they stop there’s no replacement through Wyze at this time and I don’t need/want HMS.

  2. Would like to see more Alexa integration and improved IFTTT triggers and actions. For example: IFTTT picking up groups of devices rather than the current setup.

  3. doorbell is wired but won’t allow for use of existing chime. It’s the only reason I won’t pull the trigger.

  4. was the wyze band support dropped? I haven’t seen any improvements or updates in awhile. Perhaps a speak to text since it has a microphone?

  5. bring the alexa functionality to the wyze watches. The ability to speak to alexa on the band was terrific and the only reason I still use the band over the watch from time to time.

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As I was leaving feedback to three different messages in the new Doorbell announcement, I get this:…


Really?.. I’m ‘shadow banned’ until someone replies to me? That’s a bit… odd.

@WyzeGwendolyn what is the reason for being stopped at 3 replies in a forum?


This is a setting in the forum that is in place to control spam.

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Understandable, but too bad you can’t turn it off for known non-spammers… As I went through the thread on the new doorbell, I was reading from the first post, and commenting on the way to the last post.

Being stifled at comment 4 was a bit annoying.

I guess that’s all the doorbell pro is worth of… 3 replies from any given user.

Perhaps Wyze doesn’t want too many unfavorable comments on the new doorbell that is a pass for those that would of preferred to see a few additional features than what made it into that particular product offering.

Thank you for the education that anyone who post 4 replies in a forum is considered a potential spammer.


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Unfortunately there is no way to apply it to only some users that I am aware of, it also only cuts you off at 3 consecutive posts, after another user comments you would be able to post more. I know Wyze wants to hear both the positive and negative comments and is not truly trying to silence users.

I will take your feedback to the Wyze team and see if they would consider making any adjustments, but cannot make any promises.


It’s actually not a problem at all - just edit one of your existing posts to add the content you need. You can quote others as needed and reply to multiple people in the same post.

Really a lot better for other readers than scrolling through multiple posts by the same person.

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May be related to this:

I agree with most of these. The app needs lots of work, I run the WYZE app on my iPad and on my M1 Mac.

Not being able to swipe left and right to move between different cameras when in full screen is just annoying. All the controls vanish which is also annoying in full screen mode and it has to revert to portrait mode to make any changes??? why? - It’s actually easier to just let the device UI adapt to the orientation rather than force the UI to a specific orientation view.

Needs a major CX overhaul, because there are some big problems with the app when navigating and just finding stuff.

The menus have buried most of the settings that should be front and center with a simple tap. The ability to customize the UI exposing only the features you want would be great.

Try TinyCam.