Sprinkler Controller schedule - add pause/break between zones

Thanks the update give me exactly what was needed to set schedules by amount of days between cycles.

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Yes!! Thanks for this much needed update!

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Hello @WyzeShanee , had this happen again today. Rain started 5 minutes after my scheduled run started, any word on when this update gets pushed to the controller or have I missed it somehow?

Hello @SergL , it should have updated to real-time triggering in the 2.25 app. If you are up to date on the app, could you send me a log? That will help us detect why this happened!

@WyzeShanee Double checked and I am up to date. Submitted a log. 347977

I manually stopped the schedule at 814AM after it ran for almost 35 minutes. We’re in Florida and have had rain all day which started right before this schedule.

The following schedule was correctly skipped based on the external rain sensor.

Let me know how I can help.

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Another instance today again, entered another log for posterity 353577

Hope it helps

Hello, this still appears to be an issue. Sprinklers were running just before and in the rain this past weekend.

Would like the ability to configure a delay between zones. For those of us with wells, wells can not always keep up with the demand of irrigation systems, so it would be nice to be able to configure a delay, such as 30 minutes, that would enable a well to recover after a zone before starting the next zone.


Once the Wyze sprinkler controller can do this, I will buy it. This is the one feature I need added before it can be useful for me.