Sprinkler Controller Alexa Support

Add Alexa skill support for Wyze Sprinkler Controller

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Please add Alexa support to Wyze Sprinkler Controller. For example:

  • Allow issuing a ‘Quick Run’ command on a specific zone through Alexa
  • Allow watering specific zone for a certain duration through Alexa
  • Etc.

I second this. I was using a Rachio controller with Alexa support before. I switched to Wyze to consolidate my smart devices. I had to give up Alexa voice support for my sprinkler system to do this. I really like having all Wyze products but I’m not a fan of giving up features to do so.

Plus it was such a cool factor to have voice controlled watering. It was a highlight of my garden.


To me, this would be huge. Giving access to Alexa opens up a ton of possibilities that just aren’t in the app currently.

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This has been added to our development roadmap!


That’s great to see.
Any idea on an ETA for this?

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